Labor Day Grilling Tips from Chef Mark Hittle

Even with a summer of barbecuing under your belt, if you don’t feel like a grill master yet, let Chef Mark Hittle of Bobby Qs help turn this Labor Day weekend BBQ into the best one yet.


Step 1:
Like all culinary endeavors, prep is key. Scrape the grill crate clean before hand and to prevent sticking, lightly brush the cold grill with some oil.

Step 2:
While grilling, large flame flare-ups can be scary. Use a plant mister filled with 7-parts water to 1-part white, distilled vinegar to spray grill when flames occur.

Step 3:
Add flavor to your barbecue by adding aromatic hardwoods such as hickory, mesquite or oak chips. Have them soak in cold water for at least 30 minutes, and then add to hot coals.

Step 4:
A quick way to determine the grill’s temperature is by carefully using your hands. Hold your hands 3-inches above the rack and count the seconds your can comfortable keep it in place: 5-seconds for low, 4-seconds for medium, 3-seconds for medium-high, and 2-seconds for high.

Step 5:
Lastly, prevent scorching your barbecue by brushing meat with prepared sauces only after it is cooked through.


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