Virtual Bachelorette Parties

Gather your best girls – from a safe distance of course! With everything happening around the world with COVID-19, daily life as we know it has swiftly been disrupted and special events have been affected as well.  Unfortunately, this has meant many excited bride-to-be’s have had to cancel or postpone their wedding festivities such as bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and for many, their wedding. That’s why Girl About Town has created virtual bachelorettes!

You might be stuck at home and responsibly practicing social distancing due to a global pandemic (Coronavirus), but that’s not a reason for you to miss out on one of your last big girls’ weekends or the celebration of the future bride. 

Pick a date and time and Girl About Town will give you access to their unlimited Zoom account, where you can connect with your girls and throw a virtual bachelorette party. Play “Who Knows the Bride Best?” or “Drink If: Bridesmaids Movie Edition,” two of the five games they’ve included.

Throw a virtual dance party to a specially curated Spotify playlist or whip up one of the recipes included for some party snacks, and don’t forget to have the bride-to-be hang up one of the banners they’ve created. 

Even if you’re rescheduling a bach for later in the year, this is a great interim until you’re able to execute your actual plans.

The Girl About Town Virtual Bachelorette Party package is just $25 and includes:

  • Two different printable banners to be hung behind the bride-to-be while video chatting
  • An emailed itinerary for each bride tribe member
  • 5 Games you can play with your bride tribe
  • Group workout class
  • Spotify Custom Playlist for a DANCE party
  • 4 Easy and delicious recipes for you to make virtually together, or beforehand.
  • GAT will host the get together on their ZOOM account so you have an unlimited amount of time (24hrs at a time) and unlimited invites available

Get more information and set your Girl About Town Virtual Bachelorette Party at

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