At Home Hair Care Tips from S&L Trends

Feeling frustrated with your hair during quarantine? We promise box color and cutting your bangs will only make it worse. 

Sam and Lauren, owners of local Arizona hair salons and S&L Trends are here to give you professional advice on all the ways you can refresh your hair during this crazy time. Sam & Lauren feel they speak for all hair stylists when they say, please step away from the scissors and box color and stick to these stylist approved options so you can have amazing hair at home. 

DP HUE Root Touch Up Kits


Got roots? They have you covered, quite literally. 

S&L Trends is able to color match your current base color, then it ships directly to your door. The process is simple- the kit comes with two applications with everything you need; color, developer, gloves, color brush and color bowl, the box even breaks down as a workstation. 

One application is made to cover your hairline and part line, to hold you over until you can get back in with your hairstylist. It sits on for 30-45 mins and you shampoo and condition as normal in the shower to cleanse. 

DP HUE Gloss


Wanting to add shine, richen up your hair color? Then a gloss is a quick way to do both. DP HUE glosses are a semi permanent hair color intended to enhance and richen your current hair color, not created for dramatic hair color changes or to cover grays. 

This is great for all you highlighted blondes that need to be refreshed or toned. 

This can be used alone or can be paired with a base color touch up to add on to the ends of your hair. Apply this to damp hair, and leave on for 3-20 minutes depending on desired effect.

DP HUE Deep Conditioning Treatments


Is your hair feeling a bit dry, frizzy or brittle? This hair masque is a great way to help repair and restore your hair. When working from home, they love being able to wear a hair masque the whole day and no one knows! 

This is for all hair types and is color safe! S&L Trends recommend doing a hair masque 1-2 times a week.

Free Hair Education & Product Boxes

Have you found yourself on Pinterest looking at hairstyles and thinking how would I ever do that on myself? Well, you’re in luck, over on S&L Trends they have been working on hair freebies created just for you to achieve at home! To get on the mailer list all you have to do is subscribe on their website and the freebies are an email away. 

If you enjoy what you are learning from their Hair Education and want to take your skills to the next level, they also have product boxes filled with their FAV AIIR Professional styling products at a discount price. When you purchase one of their two curated product boxes, you will also receive their Hair Guide which walks you step by step on how to train your hair to become the hair of your dreams. 

WaterColor Shampoos

WaterColor Shampoos

Always wanted to try a vibrant fashion color on your hair but your boss won’t let you? We know people are taking this time to try something different with your hair, but you want to make sure you wont regret it. WaterColor Shampoos is a safe, temporary color that can be put on naturally light or pre-lightened hair strands to deposit down a fashion tone. They have over 10 colors to choose from ranging in all different tones such as teal, rose-gold, violet, and more. They are safe to use and ensure that they will fade up leaving your blonde strands in tack once you are over it.   

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned please reach out to your local hair stylist or reach out to Sam & Lauren via email at [email protected] or send them a direct message on instagram @S.L.Trends. This will ensure you can continue to support small business! 


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