Show Your Support for Local Salons During the Pandemic

You might be missing your hairstylist right about now, but there are still ways to support Arizona salons from a distance during the COVID-19 health crisis. From spending money to offering encouraging words, doing what you can now helps ensure your favorite beauty spots are able to reopen after the pandemic. Trust us, your nails and lashes will thank you, too!

Purchase Gift Cards

Many salons are able to sell gift cards over the phone or online right now. Purchase gift cards to cover the costs of the services you might normally pay for each month. Save them for yourself to use after the pandemic or share the love and gift the cards to family and friends. Salons might not have all of their usual expenses right now, but they still have bills to pay, and this will give them a bit of extra income to get through and cover costs. Also, if you had appointments scheduled prior to the pandemic, try rescheduling them rather than canceling entirely.

Order Beauty Products

Many salons, barber shops and beauty parlors keep quite a bit of product on hand to sell to clients. Contact your stylist to see if you can purchase everyday products like shampoo and skin moisturizer over the phone or online. This will not only support the salon, but get your hair and skin through quarantine looking fresh. Now is also the perfect time to try new products, so pick up a few bottles of product you’ve been wanting to test out.

Offer Your Online Support

If your stylist, cosmetologist or favorite salon has an online footprint, you can help them out by giving it a boost. Leave a positive Yelp review, share their promotions on Facebook or subscribe to their newsletters or email lists. Post photos of quality nail and lash treatments you’ve received to their social media pages or share links to their website with friends who might be new to town. This bit of extra positivity and exposure can help them get appointments on the books for after the pandemic.

Are you an Arizona salon owner or cosmetologist? Here are our top recommendations to set your beauty business up for success:

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