‘Dahl-to-Door’ Meal Delivery

Chef Lisa Dahl, the executive chef and owner of Dahl Restaurant Group, has launched her new “Dahl-to-Door” program that offers nationwide delivery of her restaurants’ best-selling items so fans can enjoy her most famous dishes from the comfort of their homes.


As restaurateurs look for innovative ways to keep their restaurants operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the country’s top female chefs and restaurateurs has shifted her focus to create her own e-commerce platform designed to deliver her signature gourmet dishes to homes across the country.

The Dahl-to-Door online experience showcases a range of Dahlicious options including signature soups, savory sauces, saucy meatballs, fresh pastas, family favorites, deli items, homemade empanadas and decadent desserts that customers can combine for a family-style meal or romantic date-night in. Each item arrives frozen, ready-to-heat and ships within two to four business days depending on the customer’s location. All items will include thawing and heating instructions to perfectly replicate the in-restaurant dining experience.

Dahl plans to incorporate the Dahl-to-Door platform as a permanent extension of her culinary portfolio well after the pandemic is over. Dahl Restaurant Group has also launched a rewards program for fans of Lisa Dahl’s restaurants who can receive incentives and discounts when ordering through Dahl-to-Door. A percentage of all proceeds from the e-commerce site will be donated to those who find themselves in critical food crisis situations.

For more information about Dahl-to-Door and to place an order, visit or call 928.284.2604.

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