Arizona Stay-At-Home Order Extended

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced on April 29, 2020 that the Stay-At-Home Executive Order will be extended to May 15, 2020.

The stay-at-home order means many “non-essential” businesses will remain closed, such as beauty salons, gyms, and bars. In an effort to support our local businesses during this time, and make quarantine a little more tolerable for our readers, we have compiled a list of resources including restaurants that are open for takeout, at-home beauty tips, recipes, and more!

Restaurants Offering Takeout & Delivery

Virtual Workouts from Local Gyms

Restaurants Selling Groceries

At-Home Hair Care Tips

Restaurants Serving Family Meals for Takeout

Healthy Recipes from CIVANA Resort

Restaurant Takeout & Delivery Deals

Local Boutiques to Shop Online

Hotel Valley Ho Spa & Cocktail Recipes

At-Home Beauty Kits

Organizational Tips for Your Kitchen

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  1. Good! As long as those numbers of infected and deaths from the virus continue to go up, we shouldn’t even consider opening the state. People need to stay home! I know you’re tired of this, but our ancestors had it much worse during World War II and did so much more than we’re being asked to do, and for much, much longer. It’s tough, but it could always be tougher. Stay inside and save lives. Don’t think it’ll hit you? Think again! It’s killing younger people by strokes and other means of death.

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