Travelers Can Now Preview Parking Capacity Through Arizona DOT Website

According to, there are currently 27 rest areas in Arizona with 430 trucking parking spaces available across the state. These can be tracked using the ADOT 511 tool, which is a user-friendly website to track rest stops and traffic along the way.

This new feature not only allows commercial vehicle drivers to pre-plan their stops but also find the safest routes to plan their visits. Here’s how travelers can now preview parking capacity through the Arizona DOT website. 

Arizona Traveler Information Website

Commercial and passenger vehicles that are driving through Arizona can now view available rest stops through ADOT 511.  Road travelers will find where the rest stops are situated across the state and their current capacity. This was designed to help truckers who often have to drive several hours and even days to get their destination. The goal here is to help truckers and passenger vehicles find a rest stop where they can rest and stretch their legs before getting back on the road. 

Importance of Rest Stops 

Over 100,000 trucking accidents were linked to drivers who were drowsy or had fallen asleep at the wheel, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Unfortunately, when semi-trucks and passenger vehicles are involved in an accident, fatalities can happen. In the event of a roadside incident, it is important to hire a truck accident attorney that specializes in road law and will guide you throughout the process of filing your claim.

Trucking Accidents Happen

Parking availability – or the lack thereof – is a major concern for the trucking industry. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, nearly 28% of truck drivers have sleep apnea. The condition can cause daytime sleepiness, which also affects the driver’s ability to focus on the road. As a result, this has led to numerous fatal accidents throughout the years, especially when passenger vehicles are involved. 

Arizona’s DOT website makes it easier for drivers to determine their best route. So, whether you are driving to Arizona for vacation or passing through the state to your next destination, taking advantage of convenient rest stops is a must. 

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