Fabulous Million-Dollar Project Set To Turn Mesa Into An Aviation Hub

Many industries may be suffering under the strain of the current health crisis, but when it comes to aviation in Arizona, the only way is up. A $60M project is currently underway in the city of Mesa. It is a 400,000 square feet construction which will be dedicated to hangar and office space, and its aim is to boost Mesa’s long-term economy. The works are located within a designated ‘Opportunity Zone’ promoted by the U.S. government to attract investment. It will be constructed over 23 acres, offering an injection of confidence to the aviation and aerospace industries.

Mesa An Ideal Spot For Aviation And Aerospace

Mesa is considered a top choice for these industries owing to many factors – including its proximity to Falcon Field Airport and the 35-square mile developing aerotropolis that surrounds the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Mesa is home to a highly-skilled workforce capable of a wide array of tasks – including missile and space vehicle manufacture, aviation maintenance, and the manufacturer of A&D products. The new project is spacious enough to accommodate a plethora of activities. 

S-1 Occupancy To Be Offered

Many companies dealing in aviation and aerospace rely on industrial ovens, and large-scale pieces of equipment. Walk-in ovens used for manufacturing parts and for use in processes such as aerospace composite curing, aluminum aging, and other standard industrial processes can measure several feet wide. Often, several ovens are needed at once – including conveyor and continuous heating ovens. Therefore, space needs to abound in any area meant for these specific sectors. In the new Mesa project in particular, the hangars will feature S-1 Occupancy Type, with proposed uses including aircraft maintenance, light aviation manufacturing and assembly, aerospace industry uses, aircraft storage and helicopter operations.

Occupancy Is Full

Hangar occupancy is currently close to 100% in Mesa, indicating the extent of the need for projects such as this. The 23-acre site will offer new companies and startups the chance to make their presence felt in this competitive industry. It is an opportunity to concentrate machinery, skilled employees, and management in one convenient spot where suppliers and providers can be in close contact with each other. Mesa’s Mayor, John Giles, expressed his excitement about the new project, stating that Mesa has always been known for its expertise and reliability in aviation and aerospace. Airport Director Corinne Nystrom agreed that the new facilities were sorely needed at this stage, given the high level of occupancy of existing facilities.

At a time in which many industries have been put to a halt, construction in Mesa is thriving, owing to the recently commenced construction of nearly 400,000 square feet of hangar and office space. Currently, we know that the hangars will offer S-1 occupancy, but the latter enables a wide variety of activities to be carried out. These include but are not limited to storage, manufacturing, and assembly.

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