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Top Kid-Friendly Tech (for Fun and Learning!)

Whether it is to put the final touches on a student’s home desk or prepare for many brain breaks outside this fall, cutting-edge tech is at the top of many parent’s needs. Mary Hampton, owner of Scottsdale-based, dishes on the most sought-after technology for kiddos. (Hook and Hunt offers name brand technology at a heavily discounted price!)

Skymark Drone

Drones are so much fun to fly, but they also get kids out of the house to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, drones teach kids a sense of responsibility, transferrable skills and opportunities for coding. Many drone models also record video, include GPS and Wi-Fi capability.

Sharp Portable Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker

Scientific research has found that music can be a great study aid for kids and a much-needed distraction. Music has also been proven to boost the immune system, ease anxiety and improve cognitive development. For students, music also can improve memory and focus while studying.

Segway Ninebot

The Ninebot model is a balancing scooter with hands-free navigation, very lightweight and can be charged in the house. To operate, the rider just needs to shift weight back, forward, right, and left and everything will be handled via the electric system.

LG UHD 32-in. Gaming Monitor

Kids love video games and the last thing parents want to pay for is a high-end gaming monitor. But, with social distancing measures still in place, video games can help kids learn skills like teamwork and collaboration with their friends.  

Sony BRAVIA 65-in. Smart Commercial LED TV

Believe it or not, education television has taken a leading role because of school closures in March. Educational television can further supplement at home teachings and help kids stay current in this time of uncertainty. A big screen TV will go a long way during quarantine. Get them a screen they will never have to squint to see.  

Casio PX-770 BK Privia Digital Home Piano, Black

Music is a beautiful learning tool and a great escape. Take up piano lessons in the living room with an electric piano that has been proven to help kids develop fine motor skills, focus, and reduce stress.

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