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Men’s Grooming Cleanup 101

When’s the last time you assessed your grooming regimen? We’re talking in your cupboards, on top of your dresser, in your closet, total product cleanup? Yes, and because your cologne lurks in many places, let’s not leave out your gym bag, car and office drawers. Stacey Grondahl, a k a The Boss Lady of Scottsdale-based male-concept spa, We Do Men: The Man Spa, outlines six steps to up your grooming game in 2021.

So do this: Take all of your stuff. All. Your. Stuff. Place it all together, say, on your kitchen counter (or wherever you have an adequate amount of space to take stock of all your stuff) and let’s assess. This includes everything you use for face, body, hair and shaving.

How old is it? If it’s more than a year old, toss it. Clearly it’s not your fave, as you’ve neglected it. Exceptions will be such things as cologne (up to eight years but don’t treat your cologne like fine wine, and use it up) and solid balms (a k a solid cologne and beard/universal balms, which can last for up to two years). Note that your universal product fail-safe is one calendar year. If your product is older than that, just let it go.

What’s left? Let’s separate into categories now. Place what you love to one side, what’s so-so in the middle, and what you can live without on the opposite side (and then straight into the trash can, since you just figured that out). The so-so stuff—is it really useful? Do you enjoy it? Does it make you feel good, look good, smell good or is it complete crap, with junk ingredients or something your mother-in-law gifted to you? Let’s not leave out the Costco product hoarders, gifts from children, free stuff from parties and the sort.

Sweet! Now you’re left with the stuff you love. Well, hopefully. You should love your grooming routine as much as you love your favorite beverage, food, accessory, hobby or animal. If you don’t enjoy it, what’s the point? And yes, there are many amazing products for men on the market.

Now, what’s missing? We’ve unloaded all your crap, and now let’s fix, rebuild, replenish, rework, re-whatever! Try new things! Find new products, new cologne, better prices even. Remember, expensive doesn’t always mean better. Find helpful people—those who will educate you on products. Have fun with it but don’t overdo it. Less is more, until more is more. Look into men’s websites, stores, spas, magazines and the sort. Most places are finally upping their game by incorporating more male-themed zones, in a relatively female-run genre. So get out there!

Here’s some fun brands for you and your buddies to check out.
Schmidt’s Naturals (Bergamot & Lime body wash and deodorant, Cedarwood & Juniper bar soap and deodorant, Lavender & Sage deodorant and Charcoal & Magnesium deodorant)

Dr. Bronner’s (All-in-one castile soaps and shave soaps–especially the peppermint)

Lather (Mint Thyme shampoo, conditioner and body wash, Sea Kelp body wash, unscented body wash, Sea Wool Sponges and shave cream, which smells like marzipan)

Bevel (men’s shaving goodness)

Indie Lee (pretty much everything but shoot straight for the CoQ-10 toner, which is the perfect aftershave, anytime-of-day moisturizer, skin calmer and happy face elixir)

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