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2024 Skincare Trends

This year is not just about following the latest fads but rather investing in the overall well-being of your skin. Marissa Abdo, MS, RN, CANS, owner of Scottsdale-based Aesthetic IQ Clinic, has curated a list of the trends and aesthetic treatments that will dominate the skincare scene in 2024.

Hyaluronic Acid Innovations

One of the standout skincare trends is the continued evolution of hyaluronic acid. Skinvive, the first and only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable, is a revolutionary product. Unlike traditional facial injectables, Skinvive doesn’t just enhance appearance by providing a glow that lasts up to six months; it improves skin quality in the cheeks by smoothing and hydrating from within. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid is making its way into a myriad of products, from cleansers to serums and moisturizers, revolutionizing skincare routines.

Collagen Enhancements

The trend of edible skincare is set to explode this year, with collagen taking center stage. Collagen powder in morning smoothies and easily accessible bone broths are becoming staples. Sculptra, an FDA-approved injectable treatment stimulating natural collagen production, is gaining popularity for its gradual and natural-looking results. It addresses signs of aging like wrinkles and facial volume loss, appealing to both women and men seeking facial rejuvenation. Patients also experience a Sculptra glow from increased collagen production. Additionally, microneedling steps into the limelight as a minimally invasive solution for collagen stimulation, addressing various skin concerns like fine lines, pigmentation and scarring. 

Marissa Abdo
Marissa Abdo

Hangover Beauty

The trend of stress-free wellness introduces low-maintenance, cleaner products that – worst case scenario – let you sleep with your makeup on guilt-free (although we always recommend washing before bed!). It’s a departure from rigid routines, focusing on simplicity and ease in skincare. For example, you may opt for a tinted sunscreen instead of wearing heavy foundation. 

Even More Man-Friendly Aesthetic Treatments

Men’s skincare continues to evolve, with Volux leading the charge in facial contouring and volumizing. This dermal filler from the Juvederm family focuses on chiseled jawlines, providing natural-looking results by restoring lost volume. Eyelight, a targeted hyaluronic acid injectable, addresses under-eye shadows, while Kybella offers a permanent solution for minimizing double chins by dissolving fat cells.


Exosomes offer a promising solution for both men and women seeking effective hair growth treatments. These tiny vesicles, derived from platelets, play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication, delivering powerful growth factors and antioxidants and other signaling molecules to promote tissue regeneration. When applied topically or micro needled into the scalp, exosomes stimulate dormant hair follicles, triggering the growth phase and increasing hair density. This innovative approach harnesses the body’s natural healing mechanisms without the need for surgery or synthetic chemicals. Exosome injections are typically administered through minimally invasive techniques, such as micro-needling, ensuring targeted delivery for optimal results. As a non-invasive and promising therapy, exosomes offer a compelling avenue for individuals seeking safe and effective solutions for hair restoration.

As 2024 gets into full swing, it’s bringing a skincare revolution with a focus on innovation and inclusivity. From hyaluronic acid’s versatile applications to collagen’s presence in edible skincare, the trends emphasize personalized and gradual results. Hangover beauty encourages a more relaxed approach, while man-friendly aesthetic treatments broaden the options for individuals seeking to enhance their appearance. As we embark on this skincare journey, it’s evident that 2024 is not just a year of trends but a commitment to skin health and well-being.

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