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4 Helpful Tips for Spring Allergies

We all love springtime in the Valley, but many of us sacrifice the side effects of allergy symptoms for this beautiful weather. It is important to be aware of the small adjustments you can make to your daily routine to create a comfortable environment for yourself and your family not only during the spring, but throughout the year.

Here, Dr. Julie Wendt of Relieve Allergy in Scottsdale, outlines four tips to help manage your seasonal allergies:

Your home environment should be an indoor sanctuary. Remember to keep your doors and windows closed and let the air conditioning and heat do their job! Check your air filters routinely, especially during allergy season. I also recommend adding an air purifier to help sanitize the air of pollutants and allergens.

Our pets are like family, so for many of us that means hanging out on our couches and in our beds. To prevent them from tracking in allergens from outside, simply wipe them down with a baby or pet wipe as soon as they come back into the house.

Pollen can be tracked into our homes by clinging to our clothes. As soon as you get home, leave your shoes at the door and change into clean clothes. This will help prevent the mistake of carrying pollen throughout your home, on your furniture and into your bed.

If your target organs are bothering you–ears and nose–give them a rinse! For further relief, try using a sinus rinse and a refrigerated sterile buffered saline.

If you are experiencing allergy medication failure and overuse, raising concerns of side effects, not feeling functional while on the medication and suffering from constant coughing, mucus running down your nose and red eyes, it’s time to make an appointment. Severe allergy effects can also include difficulty sleeping, sinus infections, bronchitis, inability to concentrate and brain fog.

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