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4 Must-Try Hiking Trails

Strap on your CamelBak, lace up your hiking boots, slather on your sunscreen and hit the trails. That is exactly what some of my girlfriends and I have been doing, and it’s the best! Here are four trails that you must try in Arizona. 

Peralta Trail

Gold Canyon

Peralta Trail is one of the most popular hikes in the Superstition Mountains, especially this time of year. It is a gradual ascent up until about the last quarter, where it becomes pretty steep. It is 4.6 miles round trip so it is best to allow 2.5 to three hours for this hike. It is marked as a moderately challenging hike, and the views of peaks, canyons and granite rock formations make it beautiful every step of the way. 

Fat Man’s Pass


Fat Man’s Pass at South Mountain is slightly shorter than Peralta Trail at 3.8 miles round trip. Although there are several switchbacks, it is fairly easy to follow. A helpful tip for this trail is that when you get to the junction of Morman Trail and Hidden Valley, remember to stay on Morman Trail. South Mountain trails are often shared with mountain bikers so be considerate of this on your journey. Fat Man’s Pass is known for the part in the trail where you squeeze through two rock formations, making it a fun trail. Although it is said to be an easy trail, I felt it was comparable to Peralta Trail in the level of difficulty. The Farm at South Mountain is an excellent place to grab lunch after because I know you will be hungry. (Get the crunchy Asian chicken salad.)

Lori Young

Flatiron Peak

Apache Junction

Flatiron Peak is by far the most challenging hike I have ever done! I still can’t believe I made it to the top of this beast. I would allow 4.5 to five hours for this hike, and I can tell you that when you start thinking about quitting, you are likely only half way there. The last 15 minutes of this hike are extremely difficult as you are full-out mountain climbing! Put your phone away and in a safe place because you will need both of your hands free to hold on for the end of this bad boy. Safety first; you can take all the pictures you want at the top. The feeling of accomplishment that washes over you at the top of Flatiron is well-earned and worth the hard. It is labeled as a difficult hike, and it certainly lives up to that. (Head to @loriyoungfit to see the reel I made of this incredibly challenging 5.5-mile hike.)

Wind Cave


If you don’t have a ton of time but still want to get a great outdoor workout, the 3.2-mile Wind Cave Trail at Usery Pass is a fabulous option to consider. This one is kid-friendly; my daughter is 5-years-old and has hiked Wind Cave several time. We love to hike Wind Cave at sunset to take in the beauty all around. 

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