4 Tips to Improve Your Golf Game in 2021

The Golf Channel claims that it takes an average of six years, 300 weekly lessons and at least 32 holes per week for a golfer to reach proficiency. Whether you are brand new to the sport, or have been playing for years, we could all use some coaching in our golf game. And what better time to improve your skills than during golf season in Arizona? Here, Mike Poe, general manager of Peoria’s Quintero Golf Club, gives insight on how to improve your golf game in 2021.

  • Focus on hitting drives straighter, not farther. The driver is arguably the most difficult club in the bag to hit yet also the most satisfying. A successful drive requires excellent mechanics and concentration to be able to consistently make solid contact with the club in order to hit the ball far and straight. To hit your driver straighter and not farther remember to tee it high, widen your stance, get the ball position off your front foot, don’t take the club past parallel and keep an easy grip to remove tension from your arms.
  • Practice putting from six feet and work your way in. In golf, it’s not the drive that will make or break your score, but what you do within six feet of the hole. In fact, the best players in the world spend at least two-thirds of their total practice time developing their short game. The blade aim at impact controls 92 percent of the ball’s start line, so prioritize face aim as a place to start. Remember to keep your grip relaxed, rotate your body, keep your routine short and don’t psych yourself out.
  • Focus on short-game distance over direction. Instead of zeroing in on the flag, like many golfers do, figure out the yardage that would allow the ball to stop pin-high. Factoring yardage is difficult because you have to assess wind, elevation and the type of green, but if you’re working on distance more than direction, even your off-line shots will likely get on the green or near it. Even the tour pros struggle if they aim straight for the flag, so take the pressure off and focus on yardage and the middle of the green.
  • Improve your fitness, balance and mobility. From an outsider’s perspective, golf doesn’t always appear to require much physical fitness, and too often golfers focus on technique to improve. However, the body moves the golf club, so in order to hit it further, faster and harder, you need to train your body to do so. Strength training with weights and high intensity interval training are great ways to work on your strength and speed.

If you are serious about improving your golf game this new year, look into practicing with an experienced golf pro. Quintero Golf Club, known for its incredible views and top-of-the-line course, also has an amazing team of golf pros that are ready to work with you. To learn more, visit

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