4 Unusual Things to Do in Jerome

Jerome is one of Arizona’s most unique towns—and with a history that covers everything from gold mining to ghosts, how could it not be? Here are four of the best and most unusual things to do on your next visit to this quirky corner of the state.

Eat at Bobby D’s BBQ at The English Kitchen.

The English Kitchen is one of the most visited attractions in the town of Jerome—in part because of its delicious fare, but also because it is the oldest restaurant in Northern Arizona. Original owner Charley Hong operated the restaurant from 1899 until he passed away in one of the booths where he regularly napped. Along with an extensive menu, staff and visitors alike also brag about the restaurant’s wild ghost stories and strange occurrences that still supposedly happen around the property today. For more information, visit

The Connor Hotel in Jerome, Arizona.
The Connor Hotel in Jerome, Arizona.

Admire vintage automobiles at the Connor Hotel.

Jerome is a notably popular place for motorcycle and car enthusiasts—and the town is often booming with crowds who make the trek up the hill to connect with fellow automobile lovers and show off their pristine vehicles and bikes. At the Connor Hotel, music and an engaging energy are abundant. Stop by the next time you’re in town for a chance to admire cars and connect with some of the state’s most passionate people.

Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes Shop in Jerome, Arizona.
Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes Shop in Jerome, Arizona.

Visit the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope Shop.

If you ever wondered what the market for kaleidoscopes looks like these days, Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes—one of Jerome’s quirkiest stores—proves that it’s still alive and thriving. This unique shop has actually been billed as the world’s largest. Open since 1988, the shop is located on Main Street in the former brothel operated by the notorious town madam, Jennie Bauters. For more information, visit

Explore Gold King Mine.

Gold King Mine—now known as Haynes—was once home to about 300 miners during the bustling years of the Gold Rush. At the Gold King Mine, visitors can pan for gold, feed animals in the petting zoo and peek down one of the original mine shafts for a truly authentic experience—and an unparalleled glimpse at the heart of the town and its history. For more information, visit

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