6 New Businesses in Phoenix That You Must Know About

List some of the most prominent business locations in America, and most of the focus inevitably centers on New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other established hubs. Look beyond the conventional, and you might find yourself in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Grand Canyon State has seen a massive boom in new residents, visitors, and entrepreneurs. It’s why Downtown Phoenix generated $21.2 billion in economic activity in 2022, demonstrating the incredible growth potential of Arizona’s finest cities.

If you want to support local businesses, here are some top places to visit.

1.   Nami

Are you seeking some of the finest Asian fusion cuisine in the city? Nami is already garnering an incredible following.

Phoenix may not be a traditional foodie location, but it’s following the state’s trendline of being one of the fastest-growing dining locations in the country. According to the latest stats, Arizona is expected to generate $23 billion in restaurant sales in 2024.

Nami has already acquired a reputation for being a vibrant spot for Korean-American fusion. Delve into the traditional and modern flavors inspired by classic dishes like Kimchi, Mandu, and Soondubu. If you’re craving authentic flavors from ingredients sourced locally, Nami is a top choice.

2.   Divine Lines Tattoo

Get inked on your next visit to Phoenix at this up-and-coming tattoo studio. Book your consultation with its skilled team of artists and get the custom piece you’ve been thinking about.

Divine Line Tattoos has been highlighted by reviewers for its clean, professional environment, but also its fine line work and vibrant colors. Regardless of the tattoo style you’re searching for, Divine Line already boasts a host of satisfied customers.

And if you’re not settled on a tattoo right now, Divine Lines also offers other types of body art, including piercings. Get in touch with them to discover how they can make your vision come to life.

3.   Corazon de Agave

Phoenix has long been a melting pot powered by neighboring Mexico. Corazon de Agave delivers traditional dishes from across the border with the freshest ingredients around.

If you’re looking for something that sets your taste buds aflame, this new dining spot offers tacos, enchiladas, and in-house margaritas for a great night in the town. Whether you’re looking for a new spot for your friends or a family-friendly dining spot, the rich flavors of Corazon de Agave are an incredible addition to the Phoenix dining scene.

Of particular note are the shrimp diablo and the cucumber jalapeno margarita. However, the restaurant offers separate lunch and dining menus, so it’s well worth checking in for entirely different dining experiences.

4.   Full Moon Izakaya

Are you searching for a brand-new watering hole for beer and bar snacks?

The newly-opened Full Moon Izakaya brings the traditional ambiance of a Japanese bar to American shores. The cozy, inviting ambiance of the Full Moon Izakaya is your opportunity to check out some traditional Japanese foods, like tempura and sashimi, while also guzzling some of the finest sakes straight from the Land of the Rising Sun.

For the authentic taste of Japan in the heart of Phoenix, the Full Moon Izakaya is a night out like no other.

5.   Vintage XIV Wine Bar and Sports Lounge

Every sports fan has their favorite spot to cheer on their favorite team. So, whether you’re cheering on the Phoenix Suns or supporting the Arizona Cardinals come football season, check out the newest addition to Phoenix’s long list of sports haunts.

The Vintage XIV Wine Bar and Sports Lounge combines excitement and sophistication. Whether you want to sip on a fine wine or grab a locally brewed craft beer, they offer fair prices and friendly staff to boot.

Sit down in a comfy chair in front of their large-screen TVs on game day, or perch yourself on a stool and chat with friends the rest of the week. There’s no better way to spend an evening!

6.   Dawn’s NY Bakery

New York City’s baked goods are among the finest in the world, so why not get the authentic New York experience right here at home?

Dawn’s NY Bakery brings New York’s sweet and savory flavors to the heart of Phoenix. Whether you’re looking for a pastry on the way to work or a sweet treat at launch, Dawn’s warm and welcoming atmosphere has already made it a favorite among the locals.

Some particular favorites to sample include the New York Cheesecake, the snickerdoodles, and cream puffs.

How to Keep Your New Business Safe

Starting a new business is the beginning of the rest of your life. Launching a new venture is an opportunity to make a mark on the local community and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true, but protecting your investment is vital.

So, what are the top tips every entrepreneur should bear in mind?

·  Keep cash? Ensure you deposit regularly with the bank and don’t keep large cash reserves inside your business premises.

·  Familiarize yourself with the latest health and safety measures to protect your customers and organization.

·  Invest in the best possible physical security measures to ensure your building is safe while you’re away.

·  Don’t forget to consider cybersecurity. There were 343 million victims of cybercrime alone in 2023, meaning this is a pressing threat even small businesses must consider.

·  Listen to the experts. Seek out some tailored business help to ensure your business plan goes off without a hitch. Pay special attention to any legal requirements your business type must adhere to.

·  Track your finances to ensure your cash flow keeps ticking over.

Running a business in Phoenix presents unique challenges and opportunities. However, unforeseen circumstances, such as security breaches or instances of fraud, can derail even the most meticulously planned strategies. To navigate these uncertainties, business insurance is crucial.

Consider a thorough business insurance policy by Next Insurance to safeguard against various risks, including legal disputes, fraudulent activities, and business disruption.

Business insurance is more than a protective measure; it’s an investment in your business’s stability and continued success. Equipped with the right policy, you can shield your business from unexpected losses and financial bottlenecks. It’s crucial to understand that different businesses have distinct insurance requirements. Take time to assess your business model and identify potential vulnerabilities to select the most fitting coverage for your venture. Beyond comprehending your specific business risks, it’s also vital to familiarize yourself with the diverse types of business insurance available.

This should encompass policies like General Liability Insurance, which defends against claims of physical injury and property damage, and Professional Liability Insurance, which safeguards against negligence claims.

If you employ staff, Workers’ Compensation Insurance is crucial; it caters to medical expenses and wage loss for work-related injuries and illnesses. Commercial Property Insurance can shield your tangible assets like your premises, equipment, and inventory from damage. Business Interruption Insurance, which can compensate for lost revenue if your business temporarily shuts down due to covered damage, is also worth considering.

Each insurance type offers different coverage, and your business operations might necessitate one or more policies. Remember, a judiciously chosen insurance policy can be the difference between weathering a crisis and succumbing to it. Consequently, investing time to understand and procure the correct business insurance coverage is not merely recommended—it’s a business imperative.

Discover the Latest Businesses in Phoenix Today

Phoenix is booming with entrepreneurial activity. With a range of bars, cafes, and stores popping up downtown and beyond, there’s something to suit everybody. Moreover, aspiring business owners find themselves in a city awash with opportunities to make their dreams come true.

But before opening your business, you must formulate a plan and future-proof your creation against anything that might happen.

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