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Arcosanti Announces a Fall Farm-to-Table Program

Located in Mayer, Arcosanti unveils dates for an immersive Fall Farm-to-Table program. The five-week experience aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to grow high-quality, nutrition-packed crops.

Set against the stunning background of Arcosanti’s unique architecture, Fall Farm-to-Table participants have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning about sustainable food production while transforming their harvests into delicious meals. The program is designed to take participants on an enlightening journey, diving into the origins of modern-day cuisine, food sourcing and handling and closed-loop food systems.

Arcosanti’s state-of-the-art facility has many different growing methods, including greenhouse agriculture, hydroponics and raised beds. The program has a flourishing fruit and nut orchard, sprawling field crops and a permaculture food forest.

The Fall Farm-to-Table program fosters a strong sense of community. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate in running a local store, preparing group meals and gaining insight into preserving historical heritage. The program promotes a holistic lifestyle by encouraging participants to live, work and engage in recreational activities within their shared spaces.


The Fall Farm-to-Table program is scheduled to kick off on Monday, Sept. 25, through Tuesday, Oct. 31. The program perfectly overlaps with the transition from summer harvest to fall planting. The program’s all-inclusive fee of $1,750 includes tuition, daily breakfast and lunch, housing accommodations, access to cutting-edge facilities and field trips.

The graduates of the Fall Farm-to-Table program will join the ranks of over 8,000 alumni who have played a role in shaping the vision and development of Arcosanti. By participating in this transformative journey, individuals will become integral members of a community that values harmony, innovation and responsible living.

For more information, visit

13555 S. Cross L Rd.
Mayer, AZ 86333

Featured photo credit: Jessica Jameson

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