Arizona Science Center Presents Astronaut

Arizona Science Center‘s latest exhibition lands on Saturday, Feb. 6, and it’s out of this world! The Astronaut exhibit is open for a limited time giving guests the chance to experience life outside of Earth through May 31. 

This hands-on experience, Astronaut, focuses on teamwork, performing tasks and overcoming obstacles a real astronaut might face while in space. Guests can expect to encounter a rocket launch, experience life in a space lab, and discover the challenges astronauts take on when eating, sleeping or even going to the bathroom.

Arizona Science Center visitors of all ages will also learn of the importance of space exploration and the physical and mental challenges involved in the training to be a space explorer. 

“Astronaut is a really unique exhibition because it reveals all the stages of becoming a space explorer. From training to blasting off and living in space, Astronaut investigates the day-to-day activities alongside the unique science conducted in space, exposing a reality not often shown,” says Dean Briere, The Hazel A. Hare Interim CEO of Arizona Science Center.

Admission into the Astronaut exhibit is $6.95 for members and $8.95 for general admission. To purchase tickets and learn more, click here

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