Barrett-Jackson’s 50th Year Anniversary

In celebration of its 50th anniversary at WestWorld Scottsdale, Barrett-Jackson returns Saturday, Jan. 22, to Sunday, Jan. 30. This year’s annual car auction will feature some of the world’s greatest car collections and visits from rock legend Bret Michaels, movie star Sharon Stone and Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull.  

With 50 years under its belt, Barrett-Jackson is rolling out the big guns with this year’s show. This year’s auction will feature cars like the 1973 DeTomaso Pantera, a mid-engine Italian sports car, that will be available for purchase for a good cause. One-hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to Barrow Neurological Foundation and its upcoming Neuro Night fundraising event. To help promote the charitable event, rock icon and philanthropist Bret Michaels will be in attendance, in addition to Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress, Sharon Stone. Alongside the Italian car will be vintage cars dating back to as early as the 60’s that have been re-imagined and modded into off-road-style SUVs.

1973 DeTomaso Pantera

“The generosity of our donors is the fuel for this success, and the donation of this spectacular sports car is just one example of their unprecedented commitment to raising funds to advance research and care for those suffering from the most challenging and debilitating neurological diseases,” says Katie Cobb, president of Barrow Neurological Foundation, in a press release.

A roster of celebrity guests, in addition to Michaels and Stone, is expected to be in attendance for the historic 50th anniversary, including Pitbull (a k a Mr. Worldwide), Mayor David Ortega and more to help benefit different charities with focuses ranging from medical research to underserved youths.

In addition to its charitable contributions, Barrett-Jackson is bringing back the fan-favorite Fantasy Bid presented by Dodge. The bid will allow visitors to play games online in hopes of winning the all-new 2022 Dodge Challenger, which will be making its first appearance at the show. 

All-event and single-day passes are available for purchase. To learn more about Barrett-Jackson or to purchase tickets, visit

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