Best Vegan + Gluten Free Pizza

The number of people eating vegan, dairy free, meat free and gluten free is on the rise. Whether it’s a lifestyle choice, a dietary restriction or an allergy, many of us eating this way still love and miss a good pizza. So we rounded up some of our favorite spots in the Phoenix area to get pizza that can be made both vegan and gluten-free!

Trying to find a pizza that is BOTH vegan and gluten free can be very challenging. Some gluten free pizza crusts contain eggs and dairy, so we have ensured that these restaurants serve a vegan gluten free pizza crust. Here is a list of our favorite vegan AND gluten free pizzas:

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen has always been a favorite among healthy eaters and vegans. They offer a delicious homemade almond ricotta that can be used on their salads and pizzas, as well as a gluten free crust for their pizzas. Our favorite vegan pizza at True Food is the Butternut Squash Pizza made with smoked onion, organic kale, vegan almond ricotta and dried cranberry. Request the gluten free pizza crust to make this both vegan and gluten free. Their website does note that while they offer gluten free items, their kitchen is not completely gluten free, so there could be risk of cross-contamination as there is at most restaurants. True Food Kitchen has locations at Scottsdale Quarter and Biltmore Fashion Park in Arizona.


Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen serves up Italian inspired cuisine that is 100% Gluten-free with the exception of two pizza doughs; Organic Original and Whole-Grain. They are compassionate for those that live with gluten, lactose and many other food allergies or sensitivities. This obviously makes them an ideal place to dine if you are looking for a vegan and gluten free pizza. They have a vegan gluten free pizza crust option as well as daiya cheese and vegan chicken. So you can customize one of their signature pizzas or build your own. Their gluten free pizzas are cooked in a dedicated gluten free oven to ensure there is no cross contamination. Picazzo’s has several locations throughout the Phoenix area as well as a Sedona location.

Blaze Pizza

If you’re looking for a good fast-casual option for a vegan and gluten free pizza, we found Blaze’s gluten free pizza crust to be one of our favorites among the fast-casual dining scene. They also offer a vegan cheese, so you can customize one of their signature pizzas by swapping out the cheese and crust, or build your own. They do include a disclaimer on their website that states they work with wheat-based flour and do not use a separate oven or press for the gluten-free dough. Something to keep in mind if you are highly sensitive to gluten. Blaze Pizza is a national franchise that currently has several locations throughout the Phoenix area and one location in Tucson.

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  1. So, it sounds like Picazzo’s is the only truly vegan and gluten-free option with their GF vegan crust and numerous toppings. Their sweet potatoe pie is amazing!

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