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Camper Van Renting vs. Buying

With summer on the horizon and people itching for an escape, camper van travel might be the ideal way to vacation this season. But what to do: Camper van renting versus buying? Phoenix-based Tommy Camper Vans, which offers both custom camper van sales and rentals, weighs in.


Pros of Owning:

Likely the greatest perk of owning your own camper van is that it is yours! Craving a summer escape to the beach? Maybe a little leaf-peeping in the mountains in the fall? Hit the road in your Tommy Camper Van and go anytime you’d like, as opposed to camper van renting.

Owning your own can also means that you can customize it in the way you choose. Tommy Camper Vans is among the few shops offering truly unique, even one-of-a-kind elements for its camper vans. Beyond the van’s layout, some of the most exciting design elements can include cat and dog doors and bunks, super-cool roof decks for stargazing or even rooftop tents.

Those who own their camper van can count on some extra income if they choose to rent it out. Renting out your vehicle (a la Airbnb) is a great way to utilize a camper van as an investment. Sites like RVShare and Outdoorsy allow you to list your camper van for free, and the sites make the rental process simple. (Per RVShare, it is typical to charge between $100 and $200 per night to rent out a camper van.)

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Pros of Renting:

Renting a camper van obviously comes at less of a cost than purchasing and maintaining a van. There is no financial commitment. To rent via Tommy Camper Vans, prices start at $169 a night for a new Mercedes sprinter rental to $249 a night for the largest sprinter AWD.

Perhaps you’re considering camper van ownership. There is no better way to know if you’re suited for the #vanlife than by renting. If you realize that van travel might be a once-in-a-while experience for you, rather than a frequent one, there is no loss.

When camper van renting via Tommy Camper Van, if you like it, you can buy it. “Since Tommy Camper Vans is a certified Mercedes builder, we can offer financing on the van and build together with one eight-year loan with competitive rates,” says Mikey Rudman, owner of Tommy Camper Vans.

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