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Celebrate the Month of Love with Phoenicia Essence

February is the month of love–and Valley’s own Phoenicia Essence offers just the thing to celebrate. Via its Intimate Collection, Phoenicia Essence’s essential oils promote intimacy, enhance romantic mood and, in many cases, increase libido.

Essential oils are known to have a very positive impact on one’s wellness, from the ability to fight depression to allowing sleep to being a mood booster. But did you know that essential oils may have aphrodisiac properties to help set the mood for Valentine’s Day–and any other day, for that matter?

Phoenicia Essence’s Intimate Collection offers fragrance blends that use multiple essential oils known to have aphrodisiac properties. Try out these three spark-worthy scents for a month of love to remember.

Santiago Huckleberry: Santiago Huckleberry offers a sumptuous blend of huckleberry, plum, orange, jasmine, geranium, gardenia, amber and musk. While citrus is a major mood booster, jasmine offers a seductive aroma has been used as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. In fact, the jasmine flower is used in weddings and in the bedroom of newlyweds in order to enhance a romantic mood in some countries.

Sandalwood Vanilla: Sandalwood is warm, earthy aroma that is known to set the mood and increase libido for men. This comforting blend also features jasmine and patchouli, which are both known romance-inducing scents.

Tag-Her-Prestige: We now know the swoon-worthy benefits of both jasmine and sandalwood (both of which are found in Tag-Her-Prestige). The scent is a sensual quadruple threat with the addition of patchouli, which can increase libido in both men and women, and cinnamon, known to reduce drowsiness, relax tight muscles and improve blood supply to the erogenous zones.

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