Cove Dating App Launches in Phoenix

An innovative new dating app called Cove is launching this month in Phoenix, giving users a new take on online dating and the opportunity to develop chemistry through guided, progressively deeper conversation.

For those who are tired of the swiping dating culture, dead-end conversations and bad first dates, this app may be just what you’ve been looking for. Their clever tagline is, “Get swept away, not swiped away.”

The app allows people to mutually vet each other once they have matched online by advancing deeper conversation in 7 days so that time on line is maximized and bad first dates are avoided. The word Cove is derived from the “co” of “conversation,” and the “ve” from “love” (COnversation + loVE = COVE).

Cove Founder, Charles Messow (Previously VP at Keek, and Director of Marketing in Latin America at BlackBerry), created the idea for users to #MeetInTheCove where they mitigate the risk of lost time caused by stagnating conversations, over swiping, bad first dates and catfishing – through an innovative level system that must be completed within 7 days. Users will begin with texting before the conversation progresses to voice, and eventually, video, all within the app, without sharing personal information. Cove is an interactive step by step process that will help users dive deeper in a short amount of time in a world of busy schedules and limited attention spans.  

Cove is available for iPhone and Android users. Learn more at meetinthecove.com.

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