Cryotherapy at Cerulean

Cerulean Advance Fitness & Wellness in Scottsdale offers Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy, which is a non-invasive natural therapy that helps reduce inflammation and stimulates the production of endorphins in the human body.

A Whole Body Arctic Cryotherapy session last for 3 minutes maximum. During the session, the person stands in an upright sauna with only the head and neck exposed to room air, while the rest of the body is exposed to -250 degree temperatures. This stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which reroutes all of the blood to the vital organs, including liver, kidney and brain, where the blood is being hyper-nourished and oxygenated. When you step out, this “rejuvenated” and “oxygenated” blood is sent back out to the body.

Fabulous Arizona founder Cynthia Sassi in a cryotherapy session at Cerulean

Over the last few years, this technology has started to make is way outside the athletic elite and the celebrities’ circle and has been endorsed by many, as a key component to anyone’s lifestyle beyond just athletics.

Here is a list of the many benefits of Cryotherapy:

Sports & Fitness
· Faster recovery from stress of competitive sports or workouts
· Reduces inflammation, swelling and pain
· Helps tired muscles to recover
· Induces improved blood circulation
· Enhances energy and endorphin release
· Improves muscle and motor unit activation
· Improves testosterone levels in men
· Improves sleep

Health & Wellness
· Stimulates the immune system
· Reduces pain from joint disorders, rheumatoid diseases and fibromyalgia
· Decreases muscle soreness, spasms and inflammation
· Burns calories (400 calories/session) quickly without physical exertion
· Improves post-surgery recovery
· Reduces depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines and the effects of stress
· Lowers incidence of colds and flu
· Decreases likelihood of conditions like osteoporosis
· Improves testosterone levels in men
· Improves sleep
· Helps overcome jetlag

Beauty & Aging
· Increases collagen production – skin tone evened, visible signs of aging reduced
· Boosts metabolism promoting weight loss (400 calories per session)
· Improves skin conditions – including psoriasis, blemishes and acne
· Helps with cellulite reduction
· Improves sleep

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