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The Cutting Edge of Curated Medical Scottsdale

Curated Medical is one of Scottsdale’s most reliable resources for locals seeking cutting-edge aesthetic treatments. But what sets it apart from other med spas? Here, Curated Medical founder and aesthetic nurse practitioner Dr. Katie Mann, DNP, FNP-C, discusses what a client can expect upon walking through her doors and what makes her approach to aesthetics so unique.

Tell us about your business’ curated approach to aesthetics. My approach to aesthetics is to provide transformative results that look totally natural. In my opinion, you shouldn’t notice that someone had something done; you should just think that they look great! I am able to achieve these types of results because of my extensive knowledge of anatomy, how the face ages and an understanding of where highlights and shadows normally belong on a person’s face.

What can a client expect during their first visit to Curated Medical Scottsdale? On your first visit, you can expect to get to know me and have a conversation about what I would recommend, downtime, expectations, etc. I will answer any questions you have, and we will come up with a plan together based on your preferences and my recommendations.

What is Curated Medical’s proprietary three-tiered approach? I like to think of my consultation process as having three parts to it. First, I address what your immediate concerns are (since this is what brought you in in the first place). Next, I will go over what I recommend to enhance proportions, highlights and shadows. This is sometimes referred to as “beautification” but basically refers to things like your face shape, dimensions of certain areas, chin projection, width of your cheeks, as well as hollowing areas. This is what brings the whole picture together and makes your results look very natural. Finally, I like to discuss long-term planning. Not just how often you will have to get these treatments done but also what we can do to actually slow down aging and help you to age better over time.

What does “scientific healthy aging” mean to you? Scientific healthy aging means I use current research in my treatment plans. This is actually very important. The aesthetic industry is really very new compared to other areas of medicine, and in the past we did things just because one person started doing it a certain way. Now, there are some really incredible people who are dedicated to doing actual research to find the “why” behind treatment techniques. This results in better results with less product and better long-term results.

What sets Curated Medical Scottsdale apart from other med spas? Let’s face it, there are multiple med spas on every corner at this point. Curated Medical is different because we are very dedicated to being the best, most knowledgeable, safe providers, and we want to provide you an amazing customer experience. Hopefully you can tell from my previous answers that I spend a significant amount of time on continuing education and learning from providers all over the world. We are also very accessible to our clients, we want you to feel comfortable asking us questions or reaching out when you need something. Plus, our office is incredible!

What is the most rewarding aspect of your career? The most rewarding aspect of my career is seeing my patients over the years, building relationships with them and helping them feel more confident. I can’t tell you how many clients I have who tell me they look and feel better and more confident than they did 10 years ago. This is my favorite thing to hear!

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