Desert Skin Care Tips from Christy Hall

Have you ever thought about how different environments can affect your skin? More specifically, what kind of impact the intense climate of the desert can have on our skin? Christy Hall, a professional in the field of skin care and medical aesthetics as well as owner of Mikel Kristi Skincare and Skin Appeal Medical Aesthetic Practice, has been working for years to give her patients the perfect skin in every different climate, especially the desert.

Hall encourages all of her patients to really pay attention to the effect that the sun can have on our skin. Sun protection can often be overlooked in different environments. Many people forget to apply SPF when it’s cold outside, with the assumption that sun damage only occurs in warmer weather. Another common misconception is that sun protection is not needed in climates where it’s cloudy or rainy. Believing these misconceptions, and not applying your SPF, will lead you to increased sun damage and more rapid aging.

Every person starts life with the same healthy skin function. Over time skin conditions develop from aging, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors. Being from sunny Tucson, Arizona, Hall believes that if you can have healthy skin in the desert you can have it anywhere. Most, if not all of us, have tried to pile on the moisturizer when we feel the “desert dry skin feeling” coming on. One important thing people may not know about the skin’s natural cycle is that dry skin is caused not only by dehydration of the skin, but also by dead skin build up on the surface of the skin. Hall encourages natural exfoliation instead of continued moisturizing. Exfoliation will help the skin produce and retain moisture naturally. Products that contain AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acid), BHA’s (beta hydroxy acid) and/or Retinaldehyde, like Mikel Kristi Vital A Rejuvenating Serum, will help the natural exfoliation process and protect against the sun’s rays.

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