DIY Red, White and Fab Nails

The 4th of July is a holiday built for fun and celebration, and whether you are leaving town or hosting a party, the festivities obviously call for fabulous nails. The gals at Fuchsia Spa have put together a great DIY nail how-to, in order to accomplish those glamorous nails made for a night full of fireworks.



  1. Sally Hansen’s Red and Blue Nail Art Pen.
  2. White Star Decals
  3. Red and Blue Rhinestones
  4. 4th of July Themed Decals
  5. Red and Blue Glitter
  6. Red, Blue and White and Clear Glitter Nail Polish
  7. Glass Bowl
  8. Orangewood Stick

We have broken down the steps of having different nail designs on each finger, so feel free to either pick and choose your favorite designs, or rock each one this 4th of July.

Start by painting all nails white. Decide which fingers you would like to put the designs on.

First Hand:

  1. On your first finger, draw a red and blue stripe with Sally Hansen’s Nail Art Pen.
  2. Second finger, place 4th of July heart decal in the middle and paint over with clear glitter polish.
  3. Third finger, place a row of red and blue rhinestones at the base of the nail.
  4. Ring finger, place flag decal down center of the nail, creating a stripe.
  5. Pinky finger, place clear coat on top of white polish and sprinkle blue and red glitter over nail.

Second Hand:

  1. On your first finger, draw blue stripe and then place red heart decal over top.
  2. Second finger, place a red and blue stripe half way, and then cover with clear glitter polish.
  3. Third finger, place 3 drops of red, white and blue polish on top of each other inside the small glass bowl filled with luke warm water. Take orangewood stick and draw through polish to make design. Dip nail into polish and clean off excess. This is called marbleizing.
  4. Ring finger, apply 4th of July decal and cover with clear glitter polish.
  5. Pinky finger, use Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in red and make inverted V. Then outline V in blue and place white stars over the top.

If this sounds like too much work, head over to Fuchsia and let the pros take care of your 4th of July nails, while you sit back and relax!


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  1. Andrea Cardenas

    Hi. Where can i get the star decals?

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