Dog-friendly Restaurants

Many restaurant patios are dog-friendly, but some restaurants really go above and beyond to accommodate their furry guests. Here is a list of some of our favorite dog-friendly restaurants in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

Farm & Craft

Farm & Craft has two locations, one in Old Town Scottsdale and their newest location is in Uptown Phoenix. Both locations have great patio seating and you’ll find a basket of dog toys on their patio. They even have a dog bowl dish you can order for your pup to dine on, located under the Kids section of the menu. Since we consider our dogs family, we really appreciate the placement of this on the menu.


OHSO is probably one of the most well-known places for dog-friendly dining in the Valley. They have three locations, two in Phoenix and one in Scottsdale. They always have complimentary homemade dog biscuits on hand and you’ll find hooks on the patio tables to tie up your dog so you can eat without holding their leash.

MATCH Restaurant & Lounge

MATCH Restaurant & Lounge is located inside the FOUND:RE hotel in Downtown Phoenix. The hotel itself is extremely dog-friendly, so it is no surprise that the restaurant is as well. There is a dog dish you can order for your pup as well as homemade treats. The patio has bench seating so if you have a smaller pup they can sit comfortably next to you. They also host a monthly yappy hour during the cooler months of the year.

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