Fabulous Beauty and Aesthetic Trends Rocking 2022

58% of women in the US say that makeup is their most common beauty purchase, outperforming personal grooming and hair products. And while skincare is increasingly becoming a key focus in the beauty world, this article is all about beauty trends – both in makeup and body modification. If you’re interested in using your face and body as a canvas to express your creativity, you’re in the right place. These are the hottest trends that beauty experts forecast for the months to come.

Noughties Nostalgia
Move over 90s nostalgia, it’s time for the Y2K bug to strike again. From facial embellishments and stickers to shimmering, sparkly eyes and baby blue eyeshadow, the beauty world is embracing trends inspired from the early 2000s. Much of this is thanks to teen shows like Euphoria, where we’re treated to multiple closeups of shimmery, bedazzled eyes, and cute color pop eyeshadow. Whether you want to accentuate your eyes with jewels, try some periwinkle blue eyeshadow, or simply add some sparkle to your face, there are so many ways to embrace this trend.

If colorful, sparkly makeup is not your thing, you might be more interested in the smokey eye and grungy trend of 2022. New York Fashion Week in February was full of smokey eyes, with makeup artists attempting to recreate the “spent all night dancing at a club” aesthetic. Bold, graphic eyeliner is also making a comeback – so whether you like it smudged or clean, you’ll be on-trend either way. And if you like a smokey eye but don’t want to banish color from your life, there’s something for you too – tiny pops of color amidst a smokey look are increasingly being spotted on runways around the world.

Body Modification
As both makeup trends described above suggest, the natural beauty trend of the past few years is waning, as beauty trendsetters embrace bold, creative looks. In keeping with this, body modifications such as piercings and striking embellishments such as colored false lashes are taking center stage. In addition to piercings, more and more people are having cosmetic surgery procedures as they move back into a face-to-face world.

Body contouring is increasing in popularity, as innovations allowing for surgical muscle toning and skin-tightening begin to spread. Also, an increasing number of young people in western states like LA and AZ under the age of 30 are opting for facelifts, as well as natural-looking lip modifications. With this rising demand in cosmetic procedures in Arizona, Scottsdale has become the capital of cosmetic surgery, mainly due to the outstanding results achieved by the professionals in the field. 

Is Arizona The New Beauty Capital?
Although Arizona is not necessarily the first place that comes to mind when thinking about fashion and beauty hubs, the rise of social media is beginning to level the playing field. Recently, Arizona has been churning out more and more beauty influencers that the world is fast falling in love with. Perhaps the best known is Hyram Yarbro, who is now a major skincare influencer on TikTok and YouTube, but started out as a department store makeup artist from rural Arizona. Other up-and-coming Arizona beauty mavericks include makeup influencer Gissela Molina, and hairstylist Miamostyles. Maybe it won’t be too long before the beauty trends start coming from our own backyard! 

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