Fall Fashion Trend: Layering

Our fabulous friend Sarah Yonover, the founder of Hipknoties, is sharing tips for a popular fall fashion trend, layering.

Layering is nothing new for fall. It’s one of our favorite ways to stay warm and chic at the same time! But the versions we’re loving take it to the next level with thicker knits, leggings, heavy outerwear pieces, and of course, Hipknoties. Seriously, why wear one luxurious piece when you can wear 5?!


From fur, leather and lace, to cozy knits and military looks; the good news about this trend is that there are NO RULES! An extra tip: if you’re going for the more is more look, don’t be afraid of clashing prints, materials or colors. The more diverse the pieces you’re wearing are, the better.


For the more adventurous fashionista, try this straight-from-the-runway-look: Pairing skirts with trousers! The ultimate fashion forward statement – seen at Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Prada – the key to this new layered look is making sure that all of your layering pieces are slim and cropped. You are going for luxe and layered, not hobo.


No matter how unexpectedly you choose to wear this look, with Fall officially in full swing and Wiinter is poking it’s chilly head around the corner, now is definitely the time to start piling on the clothes! Try mixing-and-matching your favorite cozy layers to create a look that feels incredibly fresh! Here are our top 4 rules for mastering this cold-weather look:

  1. When it comes to accessories, more is better. Throwing on a textured or printed scarf and a chic hat is a great way to layer for both warmth and style. And, the best part about these outfit add-ons is that you can always take them off and throw them in your bag if the sun starts shining a little brighter. Tip: Wearing a silky summer scarf is a great way to make this trend transitional from warm to cooler weather.
  2. Make texture your new best friend. Adding different textures to your outfit gives it depth and an overall luxurious look. Start off with a paper thin cashmere sweater, then add a worn denim button down, a cotton military jacket, or a wool cocoon coat…etc. Keep adding layers in contrasting thickness until you’re snug as bug! Having these varying textures will keep your look from being too one dimensional and will give you the versatility of different degrees of warmth!
  3. Don’t be afraid of fur. Fur details, like on the lapel of a coat or the cuffs of gloves, can be a total style statement! Plus, fur will instantly make you warmer, which is a bonus if your layering out of necessity and not just style. We especially love fur accents that are removable, attach them on a particularly cold day and detach them when you get too toasty.
  4. Show your legs some love. Layering doesn’t just mean coats and jackets. Get more mileage out of your spring/summer dresses by pairing them with leggings or tights. Take this simple look to the next level by amping up your basic leg-wear with great textures and prints!


What do you think? Do you get more mileage from your spring and summer wardrobes by layering them? Are you already rocking this chic trend? Discuss!

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