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For most dog owners, finding the right groomer is about more than just a good haircut. You’re leaving your beloved, furry children with a stranger holding scissors! It’s important your dogs feel comfortable there and you trust your groomer. Oh My Dog! Boutique and Spa in Old Town Scottsdale is home to two fantastic and dog-loving groomers – Susan Boron and Ivan Lugo.

Mercedes, Daisy and Bentley (left to right)

Jackie Bacha, who has so much love and passion for dogs, opened Oh My Dog! in March 2008. Her goal was to create a boutique shop and spa that centered on the high life of pooches, while giving her clientele cutting edge products and luxury amenities. In addition to the fabulous items Bacha sells in the store, OMD is also the premier grooming spa for your dog. With careers of almost three decades combined and clientele which include the who’s’ who in the valley, dogs get excited to get trimmed and pampered because they have a special connection with the OMD groomers. The spas special grooming section offers everything from deep conditioning massages to custom hairstyles.

Jackie Bacha and her three dogs

I personally take my three furry children to Susan Boron every six to eight weeks for a bath, brush and cut. My family is very diverse with a 14-year-old German Shepherd, a one-year-old Bichon Frise and a one-year-old Papillon (see photo above). They all have very different grooming needs and Susan does a fantastic job on all three of them. But the reason I take my dogs to OMD is not just for the fantastic work Susan does on their fur. For me, it’s more about the love and care they get while they are there. Grooming is not just a job for Susan. She truly cares about the dogs she works on and they obviously respond great to that. Every time I drop them off for their appointments they eagerly run in, excited for a day at Oh My Dog! Susan lets the dogs play with each other while waiting to be groomed, rather than locked in a cage. My dogs LOVE this! However, if a dog does need to be separated from the other dogs, there are cages available. I’m sure this sounds like it must be an expensive place to groom your dog, but the rates are very competitive. It is actually less expensive to have my German Shepherd groomed there than Petsmart.

Here is some background on each of the groomers at Oh My Dog!

Susan Boron
With over 16 years of grooming dogs, famed dog groomer Susan Boron is the most sought after dog groomer in Arizona. With her state-of-the-art grooming facility and a passion for dogs, OMD is the pooch’s choice to get pampered. Amazingly where most dogs fight to get groomed, Susan’s connection with her four legged clients is as clear as when she kisses them hello. Rarely do you find a person in the field that connects with dogs in a way that makes the experience something to which dogs look forward to.

Susan Boron

Ivan Lugo
With over 11 years of grooming experience, Ivan’s work speaks for itself. His scissor work and styling is beautiful and he is very knowledgeable about different breed standards for grooming. Even though he was professionally trained on the standards he doesn’t hesitate when a customer wants a custom, one-of-a-kind style. Ivan’s love for dogs doesn’t stop with his grooming career. Ivan is also a Professional Show Dog Handler and currently has the number 2 (almost #1) chihuahua in the Nation, Rocco.

Ivan Lugo

For more information about Oh My Dog! Boutique and Spa visit or call 480.874.1200.

Oh My Dog! Boutique and Spa
7137 E. Stetson Rd #8
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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