How to Reduce Stress in Your Dog

By: Jackie Griffin, Owner of Oh My Dog!

The hot summer months are here, and for many of us this means a well deserved vacation! While we are away, our dogs can be sensitive to the new schedule changes and new environments, increasing their stress levels.

Separation is the most common cause of stress and anxiety for our dogs. One of your dog’s purposes (from their prospective… the feeling is mutual) is to love you and protect you, so when you are away it can leave them in fear as to your whereabouts.

Here are a few tips to help keep your dog balanced and stress free:

Doga-Child-Pose-Yoga-Oh-My-Dog1. Natural essential oils for relaxation. Rub the oil on your hands let them smell it and then gently massage their ears and neck.

2. Ayruvedic balancing treats for their calming effect. Yummy treats with healing and balancing herbs!

3. Communicate with your pet! By sitting and giving them your undivided attention, send them mental pictures of you leaving the home, the time you will be gone, and then returning back to them. When you picture the time you will be gone image the movement of the sun maybe its only a few hours and the sun is setting or maybe its a week and you image the sun setting and rising 6 times and then you return back to them.

4. Leave them with a t-shirt that smells like you, that way your presence is with them!

Here are some products you can find at Oh My Dog Boutique to help with stress and anxiety as well:

Healthy-Hound-Treats-oh-my-dog1. The Blissful Dog RELAX Roll-On: Handcrafted using jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, calming essential oils, & Love! RELAX takes the edge off stressful situations in a gentle and natural way.

2. Healthy Hound Treats: Ayurvedic dog treats.

3. “Nama-stay” Peanut butter and Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory, pain, arthritis, helps promote healthy skin and coat. Gluten-free and organic certified.

4. “Peaceful Pup” Goji berry and Ginger: Hypoallergenic, low-protein and low-fat, digestion or kidney problems, diabetes, obesity, itchy skin and coat. Gluten-free and organic certified.

5. “Zen Sampler”: Sample of both Ayurvedic biscuits – Perfect for the dog that can’t decide. All three formulas contain Ashwagandha- One of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing and has been used since ancient times. Best known for its rejuvenating properties and strong adaptogens that help with stressors. It calms and balances your dog’s mind and spirit.

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