Fashion Friday: End of the World Fashion Tips

Style expert and owner of, Marlene Montanez, is sharing her fashion expertise with the Fab AZ readers for another Fashion Friday!

christian-louboutin-pigalle-studded-leather-pumpsApparently, the world is ending tomorrow. Are you ready for the Apocolypse?

If you aren’t convinced, then a good weekend project may be to get that closet in order. The easiest way to start is to brush up on these tips on how to build a better wardrobe. It’ll help you live a more harmonious fashion life. However long that may be.

If we’re all still around come Monday, you can always celebrate by embracing a new beauty trend, like patterned nails.

But if you’re less of the optimistic nature, or prefer to call yourself a realist, then your best bet is to be totally prepared with this guide on what to wear for the Apocolypse.

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