Fashion Friday: White before summer… Do or Don’t?

Style expert and owner of, Marlene Montanez, is sharing her fashion expertise with the Fab AZ readers for another Fashion Friday!

Can you wear white before Memorial Day? If there’s one fashion question I get asked often, it’s about when you have to stop, or can start, wearing white again.


See, most of the fashion “rules” are according to season, and rightfully so. After all, how ridiculous would you look trekking through the snow in a pair of white pants? They’d be muddied up, ruined and ready for the trash. But here, our seasons are pretty simple: hot, not as hot, and then cool (which lasts about 5 minutes).

If Mannhanites were sweating like us this time of the year, they’d be sporting white pants too. The calendar may not say it’s “officially” summer til mid-June, but our summer starts right about now. And so, your white-pant-wearing can too. Lucky for us, white denim is a totally hot spring 2011 trend. Just be careful not to pair them with the dreaded white shoe.

The caveat? Don’t break out the linen resort-like pants yet unless you’re going on a tropical cruise.

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