Fashion Fridays: Summer Fashion Lessons

how-to-wear-maxi-skirt Style expert and owner of, Marlene Montanez, is sharing her fashion expertise with the Fab AZ readers for another Fashion Friday!

Fashion is so often about exploring. Discovering new things, trying out new styles, observing others, experimenting and then experimenting some more. But there are some fashion lessons that can be learned the easy way, like this week’s guide on how to wear a maxi skirt, one of this summer’s hottest trends. (Don’t knock it till you try it; just remember it’s all about trying new things!)

In the spirit of fashion lessons and having learned some, I’ve pinpointed the 5 fashion items I’d never buy online. And long ago I also learned that living in the desert meant living by different fashion rules. Arm yourself with these desert wardrobe basics and you’ll be just fine.

I’ve also decided to relinquish one fashion item altogether: shorts. For now anyway. The fashion lesson learned there? Maybe they just aren’t meant for everyone! Hopefully, I’m wrong.

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