Fashion Ideas for Visiting Arizona Beaches

Summer is officially here, and now is the perfect time to visit one of Arizona’s many beaches. Although the Grand Canyon state is best known for its magnificent rock formations, it is also home to hidden beach gems along its lakes and rivers. Below are three must-visit spots, plus 2023 swimwear trends that will fight right in with the surroundings.

Multi-Purpose Swimwear on the Buckskin Mountain State Park Beach in Parker, AZ

One of the hottest swimwear trends this year comprises outfits that double up as casual wear and look just as great on the beach as they do under a pair of jeans or shorts. Crop top bikini tops with long sleeves are one hot look, as are zipper rash guards and surf-ready one-pieces with attractive prints such as stripes, flowers, and adorned sleeves. Because these styles are sporty, they suit Buckskin Mountain State Park Beach, since this body of water is ideal for a host of fun water activities, ranging from kayaking to canoeing, tubing, and boating.

A Knit Cover-Up on Windsor Beach, Lake Havasu City

Windsor Beach in Lake Havasu City is known for its relaxing vibe; so much so that many might compare it to peaceful destinations like Ischia in Southern Italy—recently highlighted by Yolo Journal’s stylish editor, Yolanda Edwards, as a top place to unwind. Like the famed European vacation destination, Windsor Beach has ample sandy spots to place your towel, a beautiful view and dreamlike sunset, and clean, pure water to enjoy a swim. To suit this beach to a tee, consider an elegant knit cover-up, which will look just as great on the shore as it will at a poolside soirée.

Retro Swimsuits and Bikini Sets on London Bridge Beach — Lake Havasu City

London Bridge Beach in Lake Havasu City has a distinctly tropical vibe. This is an excellent spot for those who enjoy posting Instagram shots of themselves in fashionable swimwear, while followers guess which location (tropical or not?) they’re on. This beach is is a pleasure to lie on and catch a few rays or have a nap under the sun. An added bonus is that dogs are allowed on this beach, so if you wouldn’t go anywhere without your canine companion, this is the spot to be. When it comes to creating a tropical feel for your photos, opt for the vintage swimwear craze, which is expected to be one of the hottest of the season. Vintage floral one-pieces and retro bikinis are a must, so make sure to get your hands on a pair. 

Parker and Lake Havasu are just two areas in which to enjoy the perfect beach day. If you are a fashionista, make sure to match your swimwear trends to your chosen location. Top trends to watch out for in Summer 2023 include crop tops, knit cover-ups, and retro swimsuits covered in nature-inspired illustrations.

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