Featured Comedian Q&A: Bil Dwyer

Bil-DwyerComedian Bil Dwyer is performing February 22 and 23 at The Comedy Spot Comedy Club in Old Town Scottsdale. Check out Fab AZ’s exclusive interview with Bil Dwyer:

Q: When did you know you wanted to do comedy for a living?
A: One of my first performances in Los Angeles happened at the Hollywood Improv. They had an open mic night back then, and I got on about 1AM, to a crowd of about 8 people, with one of them being my roommate. It was a rather tedious 4 1/2 minutes for all involved. Immediately after that, I realized I DIDN’T want to do comedy. About a year later, I thought to myself, “Oh, that wasn’t so bad. Let’s give it another rip.” That’s when I decided I wanted to do comedy- after licking my wounds for a year.

Q: What was your first gig? Did you bomb, or were you a hit?
A: My first “paid” gig was the Catch A Rising Star comedy contest in college. I came in third, and took home a sweet white satin jacket. Was I good? Hell yeah! Third place good!

Q: Who was your comedic idol?
A: I love that Steve Martin. And I was on board with David Letterman the first time I saw him do standup on The Tonight Show. I thought, “This guy’s got it.”

Q: What inspires your standup material?
A: I get inspired by whatever is close to me- my family, wife, my feelings. I think we get all involved in the stupid things that aren’t right next to us, and we miss out on a lot of humanity, and a lot of funny. What I’m saying is- STOP TEXTING AT THE MOVIES!

Q: Where can we find more info about you?
A: My website is currently under construction, but I’m a Facebook guy (until something interesting comes along) Facebook.com/BilDwyer and I’m on Twitter @BilDwyer. Or just say “Hi” when you see me. I’m the guy with the big head who looks like an undercover cop.

See Bil Dwyer at The Comedy Spot Comedy Club February 22 and 23.

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