Featured Comedian Q&A: Chris Franjola

Comedian Chris Franjola is performing April 26-28 at Stand Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club. Check out Fab AZ’s exclusive interview with Chris Franjola:


Q: Where are you from?
A: I was born and raised on Long Island in a town called Ronkonkoma – Exit 59 for those from New York.

Q: How long have you been doing comedy?
A: I have been doing stand-up for about 16 glorious years.

Q: How was your first gig? Was it immediately gratifying, or did you bomb at first?
A: I’ve never really had a horrible bomb gig, I have had many nights where I didn’t do well for whatever reason, but never a “f*** this-I quit night”

Q: What’s your favorite part about being on Chelsea Lately?
A: I love the fact that everything we do on Chelsea Lately actually airs that night so we get instant feedback on it-good or bad. I also love the people I work with every day on Chelsea Lately

Q: Who is your favorite celebrity to dish about on the show?
A: I really enjoy anything Gary Busey related.

Q: What can patrons of Stand-Up, Scottsdale! expect from you this
A: My act is a little more risque than you might expect, but it’s a very fun night out.

Q: How did you get into comedy?
A: I’ve always been a fan of comedy and one day many years ago, after having a shitty day working as an electrician in NYC I decided to give an open mic in Greenwich Village a shot.

Q: If you had the chance to do a comedy show with three comedians, living or dead, who would they be and why?
A: I get to perform with my favorite comedians all the time-it’s one of the great things about this job. I’ve always loved Eddie Murphy and David Letterman and I would love to do something with them.

Q: Where can people find more information about you? Anything coming up we should know about?
A: We just signed on for three more years of Chelsea Lately and our spin-off show, After Lately was just picked up for its third season. I’m working on a book and several projects with and without Chelsea. The best place to keep updated on my dates is on my Facebook fan page. I love all of you.

See Chris Franjola at Stand Up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club April 26-28.

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