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Geneo: “Facial of the Future”

There’s a new kid on the self-care block, and its name is Geneo. The innovative three-in-one facial is offered at providers across the country, including several locales in the Valley.

Known as the “facial of the future,” Geneo has made its way to spas and medical facilities across Arizona. Not only are Geneo facials pain-free with no downtime, the three-in-one facial is made for all skin types, every age, every gender and every occasion. (That’s right–you can even get a Geneo facial on a big day, like a wedding, because there is no recovery or redness to deal with.)

Prior to your Geneo treatment, the aesthetician will help to decide which of Geneo’s five treatments–Balance, Revive, Illuminate, Hydrate and Detox–is best suited for your skin and its needs. Hydrate, for instance, acts as a massive drink of moisture for your parched skin and improves skin’s texture while Illuminate uses the likes of vitamin C and carrot and prickly pear extracts to brighten pigmentation and provide a healthy glow.

From there, the first of Geneo’s three steps–OxyGeneo–begins. This process triggers the body’s natural, physiological process of producing oxygen to increase levels within skin. Oxygen is carried to the surface of the skin, which absorbs nutrients throughout the rest of the facial treatment. Next, your newly oxygenated and exfoliated skin beautifully receives the treatment’s active ingredients during the next two stages: ultrasound and neo-massage.

Not only is skin left in top-notch condition, but the neo-massage step can promote lymphatic drainage (even helping with sinus pressure and headaches).

Plus, Geneo’s benefits go beyond just the face and neck. With Geneo Body, all five treatments can be used to address skin concerns on the chest, buttocks, back and bikini line.

The Geneo facial is recommended about once a month, but a provider might recommend more frequent treatments depending on the skin concern. Click “Find A Provider” here and enter your zip code to find a provider nearest to you. To learn more, visit geneo-us.com.

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