Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop for Guys

Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop for Guys, a place for men who like to take care of their hands, feet and hair in a masculine environment, is coming soon to Arizona.

This concept was founded by Michael Elliot, who you may recall seeing on Shark Tank in September of 2014. The idea for Hammer & Nails came to Michael one day back in 2013, when his hands and feet were in bad shape and in need of some care. He found his local nail salon and decided to walk in for a manicure and a pedicure. After looking around at the pastel paint colors, women’s magazines, televisions blaring bad reality shows and noticing that he was catching more than a few judgmental stares from the other clients, he turned around and walked out. This uncomfortable experience led Michael to create a place men could go to get the kind of grooming care that they want and need, in an environment they feel comfortable.


So what can you expect when you walk into Hammer & Nails? You get your own TV and remote, top of the line noise cancelling headphones, a complimentary frosty beverage, or one with a nice smooth finish, if you’d like (and who wouldn’t?) and every seat you kick back in is custom crafted for ultimate comfort.

Services offered at Hammer & Nails are hand and foot care including manicures, pedicures and foot treatments as well as hair and shaving services.


Stay tuned to learn when Hammer & Nails Grooming Shops will be opening near you, learn more at hammerandnailsgrooming.com.

Hammer & Nails is expanding into Arizona and franchise opportunities are available. For more information about franchise opportunities, visit hammerandnails-franchising.com.


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