Active Bodyworx Scottsdale Massage and Recovery

Active Bodyworx in Scottsdale offers athletic massage and recovery services for individuals from all walks of life, helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to recover quickly from training, a patient recovering from surgery or an injury, or someone who wants to improve their overall health and wellness, the Active Bodyworx team is dedicated to personalizing services to meet each client’s needs.

A locally-owned and female-founded business, Sofie Stinson opened Active BodyWorx after more than two decades of experience in sports massage. Dedicated to helping people reach their goals and alleviate pain, Stinson saw the need for an office that offered all of these health and wellness services under one roof.

Wellness Room

The Wellness Room at Active Bodyworx is a sanctuary designed to recharge and harmonize the mind and body. Its modalities, which take a holistic approach to well-being, include an infrared sauna, red light therapy, and PEMF therapy. Benefits of the infrared sauna include improved heart health, muscle recovery, pain relief, stress reduction, better sleep, and immune support. Red light therapy can improve skin health, promote wound healing, stimulate hair growth, reduce inflammation, regenerate cells and improve mood and sleep. PEMF therapy utilizes electromagnetic fields to stimulate cells, promoting natural healing processes, pain management, and improved cellular function. It addresses various health concerns, including musculoskeletal issues, inflammation, and circulation problems.

Customized Massage

Stinson’s business was birthed from her many years of experience in sports massage, so customized massage therapy is a core service at Active Bodyworx. The team of experienced massage therapists customizes massages tailored to the needs of each client. What makes Active Bodyworx massages different is they are geared toward structural realignment. When the body is in alignment, it alleviates pain and pressure on the joints, increases range of motion (ROM), and properly sustains the body for daily activities and workouts. There are 30-minute sessions that can be used for targeted pain relief, where the therapist thoroughly focuses on one specific part of the body, all the way up to 120-minute sessions for a comprehensive experience that dives deep into specific concerns all over the body.


Recovery Services

The recovery services at Active Bodyworx Scottsdale cater to every aspect of a recovery journey. Recovery services include cold plunge and compression boots. Clients can also add massage guns and cupping therapy to their massage therapy sessions to elevate their wellness and optimize performance. Compression therapy can enhance blood circulation, reduce swelling, and manage various vascular conditions such as venous insufficiency, lymphedema, and varicose veins. Cupping is an ancient healing practice that promotes blow flow, loosens muscles, and encourages relaxation. It’s often used to alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote overall well-being.

The combination of services Active Bodyworx provides truly offers something that can benefit everyone. New clients can get their first week in the Wellness Room for just $60 and keep an eye on the monthly massage specials.

For more information about Active Bodyworx in Scottsdale and to book an appointment, visit

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