Unchained Wellness Clinic in Gilbert

Dedicated to providing comprehensive behavioral health and wellness services, Unchained Wellness Clinic is a locally-owned holistic treatment center in Gilbert. The clinic focuses on helping individuals feel at peace and confident in their health journey, offering a variety of therapies tailored to each guest’s needs.

For over a year, Unchained Wellness Clinic in Gilbert has provided mental, behavioral and wellness support to the community. The site utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to address all aspects of a patient’s well-being, nurturing their mind, body and spirit. These include patients who struggle with mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD and addictions, as well as physical conditions like poor memory functions, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, migraines and weight control.


The treatment center offers nine therapies, including a cold plunge pool, compression therapy, a hyperbaric chamber, hydrogen therapy, an infrared sauna, a red light therapy bed, an RF Foot Detox, IV therapy and a theta bed chamber. 

In addition to these services, Unchained Wellness Clinic in Gilbert offers two carefully curated programs for individuals looking for an alternative to medication or finding that medication alone isn’t effective. These holistic experiences target underlying causes rather than simply alleviating symptoms. These include the 21-Day Depression and Anxiety Program and the 28-Day Addiction Program. 

The 21-Day Depression and Anxiety Program was designed for those suffering from depression and anxiety who are looking to live a happier and more balanced life. The program includes guidance on eating habits, exercise and therapies like theta bed treatments, hydrogen therapy, RF Foot Detox and IV therapy. Each of these holistic treatments stimulates the brain to start rewiring how someone’s mind and body responds to chronic stress, injury, disease or past traumas. 

For those struggling with addictions, Unchained Wellness Clinic in Gilbert offers the 28-Day Addiction Program. These treatments utilize cutting-edge technology and holistic therapies to help patients struggling with addictions to explicit content, food and drugs. In addition to working with these subjects, the program aids patients in avoiding a relapse as well. Treatments for this experience include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, theta bed treatments, hydrogen therapy, RF Foot Detox and IV therapy. No talk therapy is involved in this process, and each of these therapies will help change how a patient’s brain behaves. 

Unchained Wellness Clinic in Gilbert is open Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

For more information, visit unchainedwc.com

201 W. Guadalupe Rd., Ste. 30
Gilbert, AZ 85233

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