HYPOXI Launches in Arizona

HYPOXI, a low impact exercise method that targets stubborn fat and cellulite, is launching in Arizona with locations now open in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Many people have never heard of HYPOXI and the machines look like something straight out of an episode of The Jetsons. The idea of targeting stubborn fat in specific areas sounds too good to be true, so I was of course incredibly skeptical when I first heard of HYPOXI opening in Scottsdale. But when I looked at the history of HYPOXI, it made me wonder why the U.S. didn’t have HYPOXI sooner!

HYPOXI began in 1997 and has become a household name in more than 60 countries, including Austria and Australia. It is said to be a secret weapon by many celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Simon Cowell and Madonna.

I personally work out 5-6 days a week, sometimes even twice a day. I do everything from running, to barre, to yoga to high intensity interval training. So I didn’t think it was really possible that 30 minutes, 3 times a week, on a bike or treadmill could really do anything more for me. I was under the impression this would be more suitable for someone who wasn’t very active and this would be a kick start to a healthier lifestyle. I was certainly mistaken! Most of the coaches who work in the studio are former personal trainers who believe in a healthy lifestyle that incorporates all types of exercise. HYPOXI is NOT meant to replace a gym. The idea is that fatty deposits build in areas with less than optimal circulation and by increasing that circulation during exercise, the body will naturally trim the fat from the area that is isolated by the suction. Typically a person will follow a 12-session program (3 sessions per week for 4 weeks) for each area they are targeting. After that, a maintenance plan would be one session per week.


While they recommend you don’t workout on days you have sessions, you do not have to quit your gym while doing HYPOXI. You can workout on the alternating days. The key to getting results is consistency and following the rules they outline, such as not eating for 2 hours after your session.

I suffered a knee injury in the beginning of 2015 and was unable to do any cardio or lower body workouts for 3 months. I was a marathon runner, so this was devastating. I gained around 10 pounds over that time, and even after getting back into working out regularly, I was really struggling to get that weight back off. I enrolled in the 12-session program focusing on slimming out my waist. The treadmill workout (which is technically called the Vacunaut) targets the fat in the waist, while the bikes target more of the lower body. I was very consistent, going every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2pm and I followed the no eating for 2 hours after rule.


I would spend 20 minutes in what is called HYPOXI-Dermology first. You basically slip into a suit, lay down and get hooked up to tubes that suck all the air out of the suit (they call this “aspirate”). Reminds me of vacuum-sealing meat into the bags like you would see on the infomercials. Sounds crazy, right? lol. But it is basically the opportunity for a nice lil nap (or if you’re me, a 20 minute arm workout from trying to answer emails laying down in a space suit). The technology combines vacuum cupping and compression in order to increase blood flow significantly via 400 integrated cupping chambers surrounding the stomach,back, hip, buttock and thigh regions. The purpose of the Dermology is to aid in reducing cellulite, puffy skin and uneven skin tones. Within just 3 sessions I noticed the skin around my waist and the back of my legs become much firmer and it had started to reduce the cellulite on the back on my legs.

Next I would hop into another suit that was similar to a wetsuit you would wear to go surfing. I would get on the treadmill and once again be hooked up to tubes that would suck all the air out of the suit. This would have the same bubble effect around the waist area. I then walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, working up to a target heart rate. Walking for 30 minutes sounds like a piece of cake, but you will be dripping in sweat when you are done.


HYPOXI does measurements before you start the program, at 2 weeks (halfway) and after the 12 sessions. I was ecstatic to find I lost 2 inches in my waist and 8 lbs, not to mention the firmer skin and loss of cellulite in my legs. I opted to continue once a week in conjunction with all of my other workouts for maintenance.

I was truly one of the most skeptical people they have probably ever met because I am a firm believer in old fashion healthy eating and exercise. But the results don’t lie and HYPOXI got that stubborn 10 pounds back off that I had gained during my injury. Keep in mind, you must follow the rules for it to work! It is not a magic machine – you’re going to sweat a little, you need to go consistently and you need to follow the nutritional guidelines.

For more information about HYPOXI, visit hypoxibody.com.

HYPOXI Seville Studio
7001 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite 138,
Phoenix, AZ 85253

HYPOXI Biltmore Studio
Biltmore Fashion Park 2502 E. Camelback Rd, Suite 165,
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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