I.Fly Trapeze at The Phoenician Resort

The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale is home to the Phoenix I.FLY Trapeze that both resort guests and the public can enjoy.

I.FLY Trapeze at The Phoenician will offer 60 to 90-minute trapeze classes at the resort’s recreational center known as The Park (days and times vary by season and can be found online). Under the guidance of I.FLY instructors, participants will learn timing and techniques for swinging, locking their legs on a bar and completing the celebrated wrist-to-wrist catch. Each session, starting at $70 per person, is offered to individuals 4 years of age and older.

While you may think this would be too difficult to do, you will be surprised what you will learn in just 90 minutes. Before the class ends you will likely be completing a wrist-to-wrist catch. It is an exhilarating adventure in all aspects and something you can happily check off your bucket list.


The I.FLY Trapeze team is not only very experienced, but they are also really great trainers. They are patient, encouraging and will very clearly guide you through what you need to do. They’ll make you feel safe and confident, even if your knees are shaking before you take off.

For more information about I.FLY Trapeze and to reserve a class time, visit www.iflytrapeze.com.

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