Kaleidoscope Juice: Cleanse Myths Debunked

I recently did my first juice cleanse, which was a one-day reboot with Kaleidoscope Juice. I am a busy gal who doesn’t have time to be grocery shopping for strange ingredients (what is turmeric root?!) and then blend enough juice to last me an entire day. It would never happen with my schedule. So stopping into Kaleidoscope Juice for five minutes to pick up a whole day worth of juice couldn’t have been easier.


I was honestly a little nervous about doing the juice cleanse since I had never done one before, but I really enjoyed it. There were 6 juices and a protein almond milk (additional cost). I had a hard time keeping up with drinking the juices as quickly as recommended, but it kept me from being hungry. I felt like my digestive system got a much needed break and I woke up the next morning feeling great.

Doing this juice cleanse made me realize there a lot of misconceptions about juicing, so I asked Alexandra Maw, co-creator of Kaleidoscope Juice, to debunk some of the most common myths about juicing and juice cleanses.

Myth 1: You are starving yourself with a juice cleanse.

Each of our juices contain about 3 lbs of produce… a lot more than you could ever eat in a day. At the same time, the cleanse is giving our digestive system a much needed break. By flooding our body with lots of nutrient dense, raw organic juices we are able to let go of old cells and matter that we have been holding on to. It becomes a rather peaceful process of letting go. Imagine yourself like a dirty sponge constantly being flooded with nutrients and being ringed out over and over during the corse of the cleanse.

Myth 2: I’m not going to get the calories I need to maintain my normal routine.

It’s true, the cleansing process can be a bit draining at times. Caffeine withdrawals can cause headaches and some days are easier than others. You are however getting about 1,200 calories (a bit less without the almond milk) so you have everything you need and more. We typically use about 80% of our energy to digest food, so when we are given a break we can harness this energy for detox and repairing our systems. This break in digestion will also give us more energy. You may notice its easier to get out of bed in the morning. Be open to the process, and enjoy the journey!

Myth 3: Juicing is bad because you aren’t getting fiber.

By digesting food we are acting like human juicers separating fiber from the absorbable nutrients. Fiber is very important, but it’s also important to get a boost of nutrition in the morning with a green juice and lemon water. Affording our digestive systems a break every so often is beneficial.

Myth 4: All juices are healthy.

Not so fast! Here are some things to look out for: Juice thats been pasteurized (heat and perhaps HPP), juice made from conventional produce, and juice containing lots of fruit can contain too much sugar. Kaleidoscope Juices are cold pressed and made with 100% organic ingredients.

For more information about Kaleiscope Juice and what they offer, visit kaleidoscopejuice.com.

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