“Karve Your Body,” Week 2: Finding Balance

As an amateur, when you attend two full weeks of Karve you:

  1. Lie in bed watching the Bachelorette and intensely feel your abs simply existing
  2. Take three days off in a row and go through soreness withdrawal
  3. No longer associate “pretzel” with the pretzel fondue appetizer at the Arrogant Butcher

Starting off the week, I attended a challenging Karve class Monday evening.  Body-part areas were worked and stretched so effectively in just one hour that both my body and I walked out of the studio and asked each other, “what just happened?” Even with modifications, each pose, stretch and exercise technique is maximized, using my own body weight, light weights, the ballet barre, and an exercise strap, ball and mat.

Karve’s techniques are incomparable. They’re quick and powerful. Since Karve, I’ll watch people at the gym going through the motions, such as the Pilates bicycle or leg lifts, and see how inefficient these exercises are performed. For example, after doing my first pretzel, side crunches and squats seem like hamster wheels in comparison for strengthening waistline obliques and upper glutes. The pretzel lift includes sitting with one leg bent at the knee, horizontal to the floor, and the other leg bent behind the hips, also horizontal to the floor. One arm will provide support on the ground. The back leg will lift, extend and pulse repetitiously in small ranges of motion.

The effects and results of Karve are undeniable. These days I don’t like not feeling sore – or for a less negative connotation, “the physical effects of exercise.” Although resting is important, when I no longer feel my body and muscles, my next Karve class cannot come fast enough.

Meet the Owner
Karve Studio owner, founder and instructor Kendra attributes Karve for transforming her body, even as a seasoned athlete and Pilates guru. As a previous California State University Northridge diver with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and a Master of Arts degree in Sport and Fitness Management, Kendra was amazed with what ballet-inspired conditioning has done for her body.

In college, Kendra’s diving training included pilates or “dryland conditioning,” which inspired her to eventually open her own Pilates studio in Mesa, AZ. k Pilates in Mesa eventually adopted intense ballet-barre techniques, including isometric resistance and orthopedic stretches, which Kendra named Karve Studio.

About two and a half years ago, she opened her second Karve Studio in Old Town, Scottsdale, AZ. As one of the first Pilates instructors to become nationally recognized and certified through the Pilates Method Alliance, Kendra continues to get stronger and see changes in herself. When she gets busy and stops taking Karve classes, she’s always amazed at the differences in her body when she picks it back up.

What makes Karve Studio different and unique?
Karve focuses on:

  • Accuracy and posture
  • Variation; targets smaller muscles and “vanity muscles” while supporting the joints
  • Constant changes in movement and interval training
  • Physical therapy infusion for muscle and joint protection
  • Flexibility and strength for balanced fitness
  • Muscle fatigue followed by stretching
  • Mind and body connection
  • Leanness instead of bulkiness
  • Motivational and modern music, unlike typical cardio-class playlists

What is Kendra’s diet secrets?
Sensibility, moderation and no restrictions. Keep in mind, taking Karve is not license to eat everything and in large quantities. Kendra still has a glass of wine and eats pizza and ice cream within reason. Her balanced diet includes smaller meals throughout the day, every two-to-three hours. Every meal usually incorporates protein. If you go out during the weekend and have a fun night out – just make sure you reel it back in!

What is Kendra’s life mantra?
Balance is the most important thing. Whether it’s Karve, fitness, food, your job, your family, your relationship or social life – balance is key for a harmonious life.


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