Kelly’s Southbridge New Cocktail Recipes

Kelly’s at Southbridge in Scottsdale rolled out a new cocktail menu, just in time for the holidays! Here are recipes for 3 of our faves:


Raspberry Reviver
2 oz Plymouth gin
Muddled raspberries
.75 oz simple syrup
.5 oz lemon juice
splash of soda
Method: Muddle Raspberries, simple syrup, lemon juice, add gin, shake, top with soda
Glassware: Martini
Garnish: 2 Raspberries skewered

Moscow Mule
1.5 oz Sobieski Vodka
.5 oz Lime Juice
Ginger Beer
Method: Fill mug with ice, combine all ingredients in mug, top with ginger beer
Glassware: Mule Mug
Garnish: Lime

Pike Creek Old Fashioned
2 oz Pike Creek Whiskey
muddled Orange
2 cherries
1 sugar cube
2 dash black walnut bitters
Method: 2 dashes of bitters on sugar cube, muddle with orange/cherries, add whiskey, stir
Glassware: Bucket
Garnish: cherry


Other cocktails on the new menu include:

Prescott Sidecar-Lot 40 Rye, Patron Citronge, lemon juice, Augostura Bitters with a brown sugar rim.
Peartini-Absolut Pear, Elderflower, lime juice, simple syrup and Mumm Napa Brut.
Pomarita-Clase Azul Plata, La Pinta Pomegranate, muddled lime and simple syrup.
6th Avenue Negroni-Beefeater 24, Campari, Cynar and soda.
Revelry-Absolut Citron, muddled cranberries, mint, basil, lemon juice and simple syrup.
Smokin’ Jack-Don Amado Mezcal, Roca Patron Silver, grapefruit juice, lime juice, sage, pumpkin cinnamon syrup.
Irish Manhattan-Jameson Black Barrel, Amaro, Licor 43 and Angostura bitters orange.
Kelly’s Martini-Ketel One Vodka or Bombay Sapphire Gin, Martini and Rossi Extra Dry, Vermouth Rinse, Olive Juice topped with a shaft bleu cheese and pancetta stuffed olives.
Goose Infusion-Fig, vanilla bean, and Cardamon infused Grey Goose Vodka, burnt simple syrup and Ginger Beer.
Balsamic-Bacardi 8, fresh lemon, strawberries, and balsamic reduction.
Pumpkin Martini-Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka, Fulton’s Pumpkin Liquor and Five Spice.

Visit Kelly’s at Southbridge to try these new cocktails.

Kelly’s at Southbridge
7117 E 6th Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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