Land Rover Discovery for Adventurers

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is the ultimate vehicle for any adventurer. Whether it’s long road trips, weekend camping, or a day at the beach, the Discovery has everything you could possibly need to accommodate your adventure.

I drove the 2017 Land Rover Discovery up to Flagstaff for a weekend getaway and here are some of my favorite features of this vehicle:

1. Activity Key

The Activity Key is an optional feature, but a total must-have if you ask me. The Activity Key is a wristband you can wear so you can leave your keys in the vehicle. This is incredibly convenient if you are hiking, running or surfing and don’t want to carry keys with you. The wristband is fully waterproof, so it will not short out from sweat or even water! It is incredibly secure as well because there are specific steps required to lock the vehicle with the wristband.


2. Intelligent Seat Fold

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery has an option third row seat, allowing up to 7 people in the vehicle! But putting the seats up and down as needed can be a royal pain, which is why I loved the Intelligent Seat Fold. This feature allows you to configure the second and third row seating using switches in the cargo area, on the main touchscreen or via your smartphone with the InControl Remote app. Just the touch of a button and the seats are up or down as you need! Once the seats are down, you can load up bikes, camping gear, surfboards – whatever you need for your adventure!

3. Powered Gesture Tailgate

The Powered gesture tailgate allows you to operate the tailgate hands-free outside the vehicle without needing to physically touch your vehicle or the smart key. When the smart key is detected, the feature can be operated by a kicking gesture underneath the rear corner of the vehicle using sensors located on either side of the bumper. This is great if your hands are full with luggage or other adventure gear.


There are so many more things to love about the 2017 Land Rover Discover, including Adaptive Cruise Control for road trips, the Meridian Sound System, Panoramic Roof, and Exceptional Legroom for all seats.

Get ready for some adventure and learn more about the Land Rover Discovery at

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