Luxury Pop-Up Picnics Are Arizona’s Coolest Quarantine Trend

While the events of the past year might have altered the look of our day-to-day lives, it seems the allure of “Instagram-worthy aesthetics” is still a huge motivator for how people choose to spend their time and money—now, just in a more COVID-friendly fashion. These days, luxury pop-up picnics are proving to be Arizona’s most in-demand activity. 

It’s no secret that younger consumers are just as (if not more) interested in the visuals of businesses or spaces, as they are in the actual service or product being provided. In fact, the influence of social media is so huge, that nearly 72 percent of users have said that they purchased or chose to do something because they saw it on Instagram first.

This adds an entirely new element to the business landscape—though for some entrepreneurs, they see it as an opportunity. That’s the case for several local creatives who decided to capitalize on the need for outdoor, COVID-accommodating activities by launching luxury pop-up picnic services that are as decadent as they are unique—and with teepee hut backdrops, monochromatic balloon bouquets, and charcuterie boards galore, really how could they not be?

As the picnic trend continues its wave across the West Coast, here are some of the best pop-up picnic services in Arizona to consider for your next party or celebration.

Salt & Sage Luxury Picnics

Salt & Sage Luxury Picnics was created in 2020 by a business woman who has a strong drive for event styling, planning and making people feel happy. The company prides itself on not offering “standard packages,” but rather they try to mirror the client’s personal taste. Salt & Sage specializes in date nights for two, proposals, bridal showers, engagement dinners and intimate weddings. For more information, visit

PHX Picnics

PHX Picnics is on a mission to create spaces that gather loved ones for truly intimate and beautiful dining experiences. The company is run by a husband-and-wife creative team who are based in Tempe, and work with each client to ensure they can enjoy a customizable package that fits their needs, locations and yes, even personal aesthetic. For more information, visit

AZ Sleepy Teepee

AZ Sleepy Teepee has a reputation for being one of the premier slumber-party-planners in the Valley, but evidently, they also plan super-adorable and aesthetically pleasing picnics too! Whether you’re looking to plan a romantic date night for two, the perfect girl’s night for six, or even an unforgettable birthday party for your kids (AZ Sleep Teepee boasts picnic packages for both adults and children) this company offers it all—paired with a beautiful teepee backdrop too, of course. For more information, visit

Picture Perfect Picnics 

The name basically says it all, but Picture Perfect Picnics is in the business to bring the celebration of your dreams to life. With charming spreads that include charcuterie boards, wine, candle sticks and feathers galore, you will literally feel like you’re the guest at a lavish and properly royal feast—just with less castles and more cacti. For more information, visit

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