Move Your Body Every Day

Chandler-based fitness influencer, model, writer and mom-of-two, Lori Young, opens up about her fitness journey and the importance of pursuing your favorite way to move.

My fitness journey today looks a lot different than it did two years ago, although the importance of daily activity remains the same.

Two years ago, when I was 38, I made the decision to compete in my first bikini competition. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I hired an amazing and very experienced and knowledgeable trainer, Artie Cook with the Pro Physiques, who helped me navigate my journey every step of the way. Anyone who has made this same decision to compete knows that during prep all that you think about is your next meal, water intake, posing practice and next workout. Prep is a full-time job. I am so thankful that I did not just do one show, but that I pushed myself to do two more. Each journey strengthened my mind in a way I never have experienced and catapulted my confidence.

When my final show was over, I felt weird and lost. It was a huge part of my life for the last two years, and I was used to seeing a lean, hard body as a reflection in the mirror. Anything other than that was a little difficult to see, to be honest, and if I wasn’t competing in an upcoming show, then what was I doing?

I continued to work out at my gym, but I no longer needed a trainer because Artie had taught me all I needed to know to make me feel more than comfortable working out on my own if I wasn’t planning to compete again. I thought I’d just continue working out there; after all, it was my happy place, where all the growth occurred. My gym. But things changed. It felt different. I felt different; I felt a sense of not belonging.

I started to replace my workouts there with rollerblading outside. I love listening to podcasts, so to rollerblade and listen to podcasts became what I craved over free weights. I felt burnt out, kind of lost, and rollerblading felt good. It made me feel carefree.

Lori Young

A friend recently invited me to work out with her at her gym, Volofit. Due to my newfound flexibility and freedom that is a huge perk of my new job, I was able to say “yes!” I loved the fast-pace HIIT set-up Volofit offers and joined. I feel the sense of belonging and community I was looking for outside of the competition space. I am re-motivated and find myself very much looking forward to working out with friends.

Whether yoga is your jam, walking your dog, lifting heavy weights, hiking or even just playing with your kids in the park, whatever it may be, just move your body. The endorphins released during exercise not only will help you to feel better and happier, but you’ll be able to think more clearly as well. It’s almost like the movement shakes the brain fog away, leaving you with better concentration and mental sharpness. Daily physical activity gives you more energy to complete tasks and contributes to better sleep. Also, as we age, our metabolism slows down. Regular exercise can really help keep this from happening.

Make a commitment to yourself to move your body every day.

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